Just like baking, there are a number of ingredients that go into having a successful bakery. But what happens when one or all of these ingredients is destroyed? That’s where property insurance comes in to play. Many bakeries and confectionaries face a significant amount of potential property loss. Expensive machinery and equipment, baked goods, and even your actual bakery can be damaged or destroyed. Learn what potential threats you face and how you can prevent them by adding this endorsement to your existing bakery insurance!

What Will My Property Policy Cover?

Property insurance will cover anything that happens to your property, including your actual building and the things inside of it. Of course this encompasses anything from burglary to inclement weather damage, but for the most part property insurance will come in handy in case of a fire. In a bakery or confectionary there are multiple ignition sources, and you will need more comprehensive coverage than what is offered in a general liability insurance policy. Here are some of the key fire hazards that exist in every standard and industrial kitchen:

  • Baking/cooking ovens and machinery
  • Fuel sources for the baking/cooking equipment
  • Grease and oil from any deep-fat fryer
  • Dust from the baking ingredients

All gas and electric heat sources pose a possible fire threat. You should always turn off and unplug equipment when it’s not in use as well. Your equipment should also have high heat cut-off switches to avoid overheating. However, there are a number of preventative measures you can take in your kitchen to keep this from happening, thus improving bakery insurance premiums.

Preventative Measures To Take

Since there are so many ways that a fire could start in your bakery, it is important to set up a series of preventative measures. Most state, local or federal guidelines keep you up-to-date on maintenance of your equipment in order to operate. Here are some of the following government regulations that a bakery or confectionary will need to follow:

  • All machinery and equipment must be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid wear and tear or overheating.
  • Wiring must be up to date and of sufficient capacity.
  • Dust factors should have good controls.
  • All frying operations must be done under fire suppression systems and there must be automatic fuel shut-offs.
  • There should be annually tagged fire extinguishers throughout the facility.
  • A sprinkler system is encouraged.

Not only can a fire damage destroy your machinery and building, but it can ruin your food product which can have an even more devastating toll on your business financially. Most government regulations also stipulate that you dispose of raw materials (such as ingredients and food) if they have been exposed to fire, smoke, water or heat. Even a small fire loss can be significant. Are you willing to risk it? Let Southern States Insurance set you up with property insurance for a bakery. It’s the first step to being safer!

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