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Stop right there! Auto insurance has a terrible reputation, but we are working to change it! Our insurance company is proving otherwise by tailoring insurance to your needs and providing a personal agent relationship.

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What Does An Auto Insurance Policy Cover?

Our agents tailor a policy to fit your unique needs, but a common car insurance policy begins with the following based on your needs:

  • Liability Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Medical Payments
  • Collision & Comprehensive Damage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

We will discuss your coverage needs and prepare a policy that is best for you.

We work with numerous insurance carriers to find the best coverage that you need at the lowest price possible.
Southern States Insurance is beneficial to you. We work to meet your unique auto insurance needs, shop your insurance coverage with our lineup of top insurance carriers, and answer your questions to help you decide what’s right for you.

Southern States Provides The Car Insurance You Need

Whether you’re a single driver, have a family with multiple vehicles or even have a teenage driver in the house (Ahh!), we’re here to help. We can estimate your car insurance costs and start a relationship with your new insurance agent by quoting you through our site.

Knowing how your auto insurance policy covers you and knowing your limits and deductibles is imperative. After all you are insuring valuable assets – you, your family, your car and you must include covering other people involved.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

The price of your car insurance can vary, but if you are looking to save on your car insurance policy here is what you need to know.

Even if you are currently satisfied with your insurance carrier, these factors will help you save money both now and in the future to insure your car for the cheapest price possible. We hope to provide enough insurance advice you bookmark this page! Let’s save some money!

Insurance Carriers Top Factors Used When Estimating Car Insurance Cost

1. Credit / Financial Stability

  • Better credit – Lower insurance Premium and deductible

Maintaining good credit can result in a lower insurance premium and insurance deductible. Building up credit proves your financial responsibility and trustworthiness to insurance carriers.

2. Prior Insurance Coverage

  • No lapses without coverage and signs of consistency – Lower car insurance premium

Insurance companies are looking to see if you have maintained insurance and there are no lapses without coverage. The same way maintaining a job for a number of years on a resume looks good, examples of consistency can bring down the price of your insurance rate.

3. Limits of Coverage

  • More than state minimum coverages – Greater chance of lower cost of car insurance

If you only are carrying the state minimum car insurance requirements rather than seeing the value insurance brings to you and your vehicle it is rewarded differently. Insurance companies can offer a cheaper insurance quote to clients that are more interested in full auto insurance coverage rather than just the legal obligations.

4. Insurance Claims History

  • Fewer numer of claims – cheaper auto insurance quote

Your claims history is an indication of how much of a risk you are to insure. Insurance claims are filed with the insurance company, whether it may be at fault, no fault, med pay or compensation claims, it is a testimony of how safe you are on the roads.

5. Driving History

  • Drive safely – lower insurance premiums for your car

Driving history is the MVR report, tickets that are issued against someone’s drivers license. The best possibility to reduce this cost is by attending defensive driving courses that can provide discount for 36 months.

6. Location

  • Live in low risk area – lower car insurance cost

Where you live and drive is important in understanding the risks you are exposed to and the cost of insuring your car. Although this is a variable often out of your control, it is still an influence that factors into your final rate.

7. Car Usage

How do you drive your vehicle? If your car is used to simply commute back and forth to work, if it is a company car, is it a car that generally stays parked in one place for a week, or is it a car for your personal use. Each situation faces unique risks and has different exposures.

Help With Your Car Insurance Costs From Our Georgia Insurance Agency

Every company offers different discounts, and an independent insurance agent can help you save and find the discounts that apply to your circumstances.

You need good insurance coverage over cheap insurance coverage, but managing these factors will ensure you have the proper coverages in place and help you work to receive coverage at the lowest cost.

Understanding what your car insurance policy price is based off of enables you to make changes to lower your premiums. Cheap car insurance is possible as you work to control each of these factors. Be careful as to not shop for the best car insurance only based on price, sometimes the cheapest car insurance can be a warning sign you don’t have the coverage you need.

Tips To Shop Smart When Buying Insurance

Tip #1 – Don’t Compare Your Price To A Friends

Insurance isn’t a very common ice breaker conversation or a popular topic while grabbing coffee with a friend, but when we are desperate in our search for cheaper insurance we want to know “Hey, how much does your car insurance coverage cost?”

The price of insurance varies based on numerous factors and assuming you are comparing apples-to-apples can lead to a dangerous belief and frustration with your current insurance.

Car insurance prices can vary significantly based on:

  • Where you live
  • Driving history
  • Credit ratings

Most commonly your insurance cost and the insurance cost you are comparing are being influenced by factors you are unaware of making one price seem unreasonable. Comparing prices without all the facts will likely lead to frustration with your insurance coverage.

Tip #2 – Be Wiling To Put In Some Time

Finding good insurance isn’t hard work but you shouldn’t make your decision based on convenience.There are numerous insurance company’s which focus on a short phone call or a minimal effort process.

Insurance is important. Insurance is what you rely on when the worst of circumstances become a reality. Putting in the effort to understand your coverage, have the proper coverage limits and insurance tailored to your needs is valuable and well worth the time.

Not to say shopping smart for insurance means making it a painful process, but that it is worth doing it well over doing it quickly.

Tip #3 – Talk With An Insurance Agent You Can Trust

Insurance agents are paid on commission. They want to sell you an insurance policy.

How can you find an insurance agent you can trust?

Some major insurance carriers pay their insurance agent’s commission on new business, but not on client renewal. As a client this means the agent’s focus is solely on obtaining your business and then as a client you are forgotten.

Ask. Learn what your agent plans to do for you through out the policy period more than provide a policy.

Independent insurance agencies represent numerous insurance carriers and can write coverage as well as provide an insurance agent who is personally invested in your success. With the right independent insurance agency you couple the insurance coverage you need with a quality agent relationship that goes unmatched. Working with an agent invested in your success means you have access to an agent you can trust whenever you need them.

Tip #4 – Save From The Beginning When You Buy Car Insurance

When you are shopping for good car insurance coverage and having the discussion with an insurance agent on the cost of your coverage, mention ways to save!

There are ways to save on your auto insurance coverage you need to be made aware of before you purchase your policy and discuss possible discounts with your agent.

Too often people shop their insurance policy with out disclosing enough information to gain better rates. Or consumers agree to a coverage and after paying their insurance premiums for a couple months seek out a way to lower the costs of their policy when they could have been spending less from the beginning. Do it from the start!

What Does It Mean To Have The Best Car Insurance?

To put it simply, the best car insurance for you is when the coverage you need to keep your vehicle and finances protected is at the lowest cost. Same is true with any product, we want exactly what we need at the lowest price.

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