General Liability

Are You prepared for a lawsuit filed against you or your business? Lawsuits are everywhere these days. Our insurance agency can help you be best protected.

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What Does A General Liability Policy Cover?

  • Legal fees
  • Property damage you cause to others
  • Medical expenses for injury to others
  • Libel or Slander

Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid out of pocket costs caused by a lawsuit and legal fees. The answer is good insurance coverage for your business, and specifically general liability coverage.

Do you have enough extra cash on hand to pay for legal fees or medical expenses if you or someone in your business causes harm to someone else or their property?

Imagine you’re a contractor who installs cabinets in homes.  A week after you finish installing kitchen cabinets for a client, her new cabinets come crashing down as she’s putting away some dishes, injuring your client and damaging her hardwood floors.  Whether or not you properly secured the cabinets, your chances of getting sued are pretty high.   How will you pay for legal fees to defend yourself?  What if it really was your fault?   Not only would you owe legal fees, but also your client’s medical bills and property damage to her home.  Or even worse, you realize you may have installed the last ten cabinets for different clients in the same manner.

We are here to help you. Our insurance agency hopes you learn more about purchasing General Liability insurance for your business. Feel free to seek out insurance advice or start a relationship with our company as we work for your success.

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