First, we understand moving can bring a lot of stress and can feel overwhelming at times. We want to make Renter’s Insurance an easy process for you and help you understand your insurance needs and find you the best insurance policy.

You might be asking yourself,” Why do I need renters insurance.” We think it is a wise question to ask and we hope you see why Renter’s Insurance is a wise and necessary investment to make.

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

  • Fire, theft or vandalism of your personal belongings
  • Items like laptops or bikes, wherever you take them
  • Increased cost of another place to live if your apartment becomes uninhabitable
  • Injury you cause to another person
  • Damage you cause to another person’s property

Renter’s insurance includes most the coverage you will likely every need while living in your apartment, condo, or town home.

Won’t My Landlord’s Insurance Provide The Coverage I Need?

No! Your landlord may have coverage that protects the building you live in, but not your belongings. If someone breaks into your apartment and steals your stuff, it’s on you! That is, unless you have renters insurance. Your landlord will likely recommend you to look into renters insurance, but their insurance policy will not protect you or your belongings.

How Much Is Renters Insurance?

Let’s find out! We can tell you that is is relatively inexpensive and affordable.

When you consider the vast amount of coverage and the little cost it only makes sense to see how we can help protect you.

You will be surprised to find how cheap our Georgia insurance company is able to quote your renters insurance policy. We are hopeful that we will also surprise you on how easy to work with Southern States Insurance can be. We not only provide you with good insurance coverage but an insurance agent who works to see you succeed. Start the relationship and let us begin the process of helping you through out your life.