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Three Skills You Can Use As Insurance Against The Possible Loss Of Employment In The Future

With issues such as rising unemployment and an uncertain financial future, there are many people who are looking for ways to earn an extra income. There are a number of skills that most people can gain, and which can rapidly increase their employment opportunities. –

Statistics On Car Theft – The Worst States & Worst Cities For Stolen Vehicles

Statistics On Car Theft – The Worst States & Worst Cities For Stolen Vehicles
Let’s begin with some general car theft statistics to make everyone sweat.

Did you know…

A car is stolen every 43 seconds.
Car theft costs Americans a total of $4.3 billion each year.
Near 3/4 of a million cars are stolen every year.

Are you trying […]

The Insurance Industry Puts Safety To The Test & Analyses Ways To Mitigate Risks!

To put it simply from the words of Jim Schubert, President of Southern States Insurance, “We work to help people when bad things happen and before bad things happen.” He was explaining his job to his son and of course children’s terms need to be much more simplistic than all that is involved of […]

Southern States Insurance Grants Scholarships To Clients’ Graduating Students

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We are an independent insurance agency working to meet our communities’ insurance needs. We write business, home, car, and life insurance policies to help our clients succeed.
Southern States Insurance has offices spread across Georgia and into Florida to be able to provide the most personal and unique service to our […]

Not Getting The Best Car Insurance Rates? Here’s How To Fix That.

Not Getting The Best Car Insurance Rates? Here’s How To Fix That.
Even if you’re happy with your current insurance carrier, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the best car insurance rates.

Taking control of the following factors will help you save money both now and in the future to insure your car for the cheapest […]

Which Dogs Can Make Your Homeowners Insurance Cost Really Bite?

Which Dogs Can Make Your Homeowners Insurance Cost Bite?
Depending on what breed of dog you own, your homeowners insurance could greatly be effected even as far as to being dropped!

A dog adds a great amount of liability for a homeowner and over the most recent years the number of dog bites and injuries caused […]

The Highest and Lowest Risk U.S. Cities To Live

The words “Home Sweet Home” can be said with a little more confidence in some cities. Aon Hewitt released the Peoples Risk Index ranking over 130 cities worldwide on their measurable risk exposure (A link to the entire list is at the bottom of this page).
Risk levels were measured by factors such as demographics, […]

Insurance Friday the 13th

Today is the ominous Friday the 13th.
Whether, you are superstitious or just a little-stitious, we all know accidents happen. This video “spins” a little out of control fast! Don’t let the unforeseen be a consequence that sets you back in life.
Foolishly, some people still choose to believe “it won’t happen to them,” and aren’t prepared […]

Home Insurance In Georgia Is Vulnerable To Fraudulent Contractors

The saying “as long as you’ve got a roof over your head,” may not be the whole truth, especially if your in the “peach state.”
Fraudulent claims involving roofing contractors are common across the Georgia area, because the lack of licensing requirements in the state. Georgia does not require roofing contractors to be licensed. Many […]

Georgia Homeowners Insurance Price Increased

Georgia Homeowners Insurance Price Increased
Georgia homeowners have likely noticed the cost of their Homeowners Insurance on the rise. Insurance premiums have increased over the past years. Often, supplemented by little explanation from the representative insurance company. It’s one thing if your premium increases with additional coverage, but another when the coverage remains the same […]