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Top 10 Insurance Commercials

1. 1st for Women, Insurance for Women Only

1st for Women was the first insurance brokerage to offer insurance products specifically tailored to the insurance needs of South African women. This commercial shows a little bit behind why they decided to do so. This commercial made a strong fight for the number one spot, but ended up in a strong respectable third. Don’t pass up on this commercial!

2. Allstate, Super Fan Mayhem

Every bit of this commercial makes us laugh!

Reasons why this commercial is amazingly funny:

  • Mayhem’s happy face and waving arms as he runs on the field<./li>
  • The blurred out suit.
  • Everyone’s disgusted faces.
  • The cell phone taking a picture.
  • The sunroof monologue.

Enjoy, the number 2 spot.

3. Statefarm, Magic Jingle Buffalo

The number one insurance commercial is funny every second of it’s airtime. We wish we could extend this 30 second commercial in to a two hour movie. From the buffalo on the guy’s hat as they relax in their car to their faces when they scream, this commercial is hilarious! It deserves to be watched many times and appropriately is named today as the best insurance commercial.

4. Allstate, Pink SUV Mayhem

The classic Allstate Mayhem guy, Dean Winters, makes the Top 10 list more than once. This commercial didn’t get nearly as much airtime as some other Mayhem spots and undeservingly so, in our opinion. This commercial has definite quotability if you want to send it to a teenage girl you know, but chances are they will only want the pink SUV for themselves and ignore any funny lines.

2 Key Moments To Look Out For:

  1. Sparkle bedazzled phone
  2. Wink at the end

And about every line Mayhem says…

5. Statefarm, Discount Double Check

The timing couldn’t have been better for Statefarm and Aaron Rodgers who was having the season of his life with the Packers! Green Bay was phenomenal as Aaron Rodgers triumphantly lead them to victory after victory (but fell short). The ‘discount double check’ may have been what inspired them to play at such a great level. This was the first of three commercials birthed from the double check family, including sequels with teammates BJ Raji and Clay Matthews. The commercial lead to a dance and various t-shirts and merchandise you can buy online.

6. AAA, I Choose AAA

Improv comedian Don Gervasi, a AAA member tells about his experience. His added emphasis is perfectly uncomfortable that you aren’t sure if he is trying to make you laugh or simply telling a story that over emphasizes particular phrases. This is one of many AAA commercials of this nature, but none can compete with this one.

7. Farmers, Distracted Driver

The University of Farmers doesn’t need any lessons on “What it takes to have a funny commercial.” We love the Farmers campaigns! Here is one where what is going on in the background is just as funny as the commercial’s subject. For instance, watch the focus of the guy who pours the coffee. Great commercial.

8. Travelers, Prized Possession

This commercial may not make you laugh out loud at some wonderful one-liner, but it is a funny commercial none the less. If anything, you will enjoy watching the dog’s funny expressions and cute interactions. Plus, it is a great song in the background of the commercial as Ray LaMontagne sings one of his most popular songs “Trouble”.

9. Progressive, It’s Flotime

Flo and the current Progressive advertisement is not our favorite. But, if we had to pick one, this would be our favorite. This commercial reminds us of the antics Ron Burgandy would put himself through before being on the air.

10. Travelers, Puppy Love

The travelers dog see’s big change. Here Travelers advertises the importance of updating your insurance coverage and keeping it current with your insurance needs. This commercial all comes together at the end.

Good List Right? But Do You Have Good Insurance?

Being able to laugh at these commercials is a quality way to waste time and enjoy your day!

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How Southern States Insurance Is Different Than Other Insurance Companies

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If we don’t have the chance to insure you we would still love to know which commercial made you laugh the hardest! Tell us in the comments below which commercial is your favorite!