3 Burning Facts You Don’t Expect From A Home Fire Insurance Claim

You will be surprised to learn some of the repercussions of a home fire and the unfortunate circumstances a fire causes! Below are three things you didn’t know about home fires and the damage caused.

There are many things you can do to protect yourself and prevent home fires from occurring. Having good insurance is essential to guarantee you being made whole again.

What You Didn’t Expect From A Home Fire

    1. Water damage can be just as severe as fire damage

    Extinguishing a home fire requires the fire fighters to pump thousand of gallons of water into a residential home, commercial property, or enflamed building. Water damage can multiply as water travels throughout the home damaging multiple surfaces, rooms, and floors.

    2. Theft is one of your first concerns following a fire insurance claim

    Immediately after a building fire, many doors and windows are down and broken. The building is exposed to local crime and your valuables that were not harmed or damaged are targeted items. It is of utmost importance you board up doors and windows with in the first 24 hours to prevent further loss.

    3. The soot and odor is in EVERYTHING

    Even in cases of a small fires that are well contained, you wouldn’t believe how penetrating the strong odor can be through out the home. The soot and odor marinates the home to a terrible stink that feels inescapable. In the restoration process of a home following a fire the air is completely replaced numerous times to start to eliminate the powerful odor.

Witnessing the devastation of a home following a fire is more than an emotional experience, it is something that feels entirely wrong. It would be so sad to solely witness the loss of a home, but it brings our insurance company in Georgia great joy to help restore not only people’s homes, but also their lives. We were fortunate to experience a day with Reliable Restoration as they worked to restore a home back to whole following a tragic fire. It was a memorable experience to witness insurance-in-action first hand.

We hope you never have to experience the devastating loss of a home fire. There are things you can do today to protect your home from home fires and reduce your risk. Be educated. Stay safe. Prepare for the unexpected.

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