In the time it takes to listen to a song on the radio we are going to decide if you do or don’t need Renters Insurance coverage. If you want to pick a soundtrack to this decision choose a song now and let’s go!

Here We Go

Open up a program you can write on, Word, Pages, anything will do. For this exercise it may be most helpful if you are in your apartment, but if not just think about your home.

  1. List every room in your apartment.
  2. Write down the 3 most expensive things in each room.
  3. Guess the replacement cost of each item listed.
  4. Add up the total rounding to the nearest hundred.


We now should be able to determine if your personal property is worth more than the minimum deductible for GA renters insurance coverage. If your property is more than the cost of the deductible we should consider renters insurance more seriously.

The Georgia Renters Insurance minimum deductible is $500 dollars.

If your personal property totaled out at more than $500 then we recommend you consider the protection that comes with renters insurance coverage. Depending on your personal list, the inexpensive rate of Renters Insurance would be minimal compared to the cost it would be to replace not only the most expensive items, but everything in your apartment or condo.

How Much Does Renters Insurance Coverage Cost?

For less than $.60 cents a day, you can cover your food, furniture, kitchen ware, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and art from the most common perils such as fire, flood, and theft.

For items of extremely high value it would be better to place them on a scheduled floater inland marine policy, because a Renters Insurance policy does have limits on particular coverages. Learn more about what is not covered on your renters insurance.

Renters Insurance is cheap and covers against most perils, that if you have enough value in your home, Renters Insurance will protect your belongings in the case of most unfortunate circumstances.

Do You Need Renters Insurance?

Look at your list and consider what you would do in the event of a loss.

Unless the total value of your personal property is less than the deductible, we would recommend paying for Renters Insurance coverage. It roughly costs $10.00 – $20.00 a year and covers not only your property, but where you will live in the event of a total loss or your apartment being uninhabitable.

Renters Insurance coverage has very little exclusions and accounts for the direct and indirect losses facing an apartment owner after a loss. So, what does your list look like?

Our three minute exercise has timed out. Hopefully you are able to better understand your need.

Is renters insurance worth it to you?

Get a free insurance quote on this page and we can activate your renters insurance typically on the same day if you decide protecting your belongings is the best decision!