Typically record breaking high temperatures don’t arrive until the months of July and August, but we have already seen across the United States hundreds of heat records being left in the past.

If it wasn’t so hard to just survive the heat, it brings new concerns in regards to insurance that deserve a quick read.

These are the headlines you need to take notice of:

  1. The Season Hosts Increased Insect Population & Homeowners Face Some Exclusions
  2. A Study Links The Hotter Days With Increased Amount of DUI’s
  3. Summertime Homeowners Face Increased Premiums and Risks With Swimming Pools

Insurance protects you from the risks you face and the chance of an accident occurring. Risks change and as a homeowner and auto owner you may be influenced by the extreme heat in more ways than a strong farmers tan.

Life is made interesting because it is often so unpredictable.

Some surprises can bring joy, and others can be a setback if not prepared for appropriately. Our insurance company wants to help you be ready for all risks you face and be able to continue to thrive even after the worst circumstances. We believe in your success.

The summer is certainly going to continue to be hot and new risks will arise. We work to keep you updated on ways to minimize risks and stay current on news about dangers you face.

– Happy Summer from Southern States, the insurance company who cares about you and your success.