Our insurance agency can help you lower the costs of your cleaning service business insurance premiums no matter what size of house cleaning business you operate. We put together three tips to reduce your house cleaning insurance costs and hope to mitigate risks you face as well as reduce your costs.

1. Develop Proper Training Procedures For Staff

Accidents happen, but many falls, spills, scratched surfaces and broken valuables can be prevented with simple & comprehensive training practices.

Insurance companies notice high employee turnover which increases your chances of damaging property

Supervision and proper training procedures greatly reduce the risk of filing a claim from an accident and is reflected in the cost of your insurance premiums.

One recommendation our agency suggest to be implemented by your staff and a part of your training is either you or your customer locking up areas of a customer’s homes that may contain belongings susceptible to damage, confidential information, or dangerous pets.

2. Background Checks On Employees

One of the biggest risks that cleaning company’s faces is crime exposure. Monitoring your crew more closely and by subjecting them to background checks, increasing supervision, and regular crew changes all minimize the exposure of this risk and make your business more appealing to clients.

Failure to run background checks and review references of employees increase your hazard and reduces available defenses in the event of a lawsuit or claim.

3. Proper Vehicle Licensing

Automobile exposure is usually low, but it depends on operations and protocols of your cleaning business. Two of the most common options are

  • Employees use own transportation
  • Company owned vehicles

Their are numerous variations of ways of traveling to customers homes and each account for different risk exposures. Our insurance agents can provide you with the best advice on traveling and write coverage specific to your needs.

The risk factors change, but often are adjusted in accordance with the number of persons being carried, the qualifications of the driver, their age, condition and maintenance of the vehicle, and use of vehicles.

The Best Way To Save On Your Cleaning Insurance Coverage

Talk with an agent who can help you succeed.

Shopping your insurance with numerous carriers can assure you are paying the cheapest price possible, but you may not always be paying for the same product. Our agents shop with numerous carriers to give you the best option of coverage and cost to help you save on your insurance.

Your cleaning business needs good insurance to succeed. We understand how important saving money is and we believe by getting to know your business we can help you not only save money now but succeed long term.

Southern States Insurance can help you lower the cost of your Home Cleaning Insurance and provide you with an insurance agent available to give you the best insurance advice for situations your business may face.

Get in touch with our agency, meet your new agent, save on your insurance, and grow a successful business. It all starts with our free insurance quote on the top of the page.

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