4 Things Even Good Renter’s Insurance Does Not Cover

What does renters insurance not cover?What Is Not Covered By A Renters Insurance Policy

Most renters insurance policies have limits to how much insurance carriers will pay for certain property items. Your limit can be changed at any time if you acquire contents that would insist additional renters insurance coverage.

Answering the question, “What does renters insurance not cover?” is crucial to having the best renters insurance coverage for your needs.

We want to help you to be sure all of your property is covered and our insurance agents can help you decide how to do that.

Common Renters Insurance policy limits create the potential for the following items to most likely exceed coverage limits. In an event of total loss they may not be replaced with out adding necessary coverages. Focus on these items value in your apartment or condo and compare it to your policy’s coverage limits.

  1. Jewelry
  2. Art
  3. Collectables
  4. Electronics

How Can You Be Sure Everything Is Covered?

If you do have expensive jewelry, art, collectables or electronics that may exceed your renters insurance coverage limits you can additionally cover them through a scheduled floater policy.

Your items of high value will be appraised and insured for their value separate to your renters insurance policy limits. This will provide the necessary protection you need on all of your valued items. Our agents can help you through this process and assist you in insuring everything you need.

In the event of something happening to your apartment, together we can be sure you are restored back to whole as soon as possible because of good insurance coverage.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

The list of what is not covered is very minimal compared to this list of what renters insurance does provides coverage for. Renters Insurance is one of the most comprehensive coverages for such an affordable price.

Renters insurance covers:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Personal Property such as laptops or bikes, wherever you take them
  • Indirect cost of another place to live if your apartment becomes uninhabitable
  • Injury you cause to another person
  • Damage you cause to another person’s property
  • And more…

Apartment Renter’s insurance includes most the coverages you will likely need while living in your apartment, condo, or town home. Although, it does have the exceptions mentioned and you need to know where your renters insurance limits stand to have your apartment best covered for loss.

What You Need To Do Now

Simple – know what is in your policy and what coverage you need.

Our Georgia insurance company wants to provide you with the best renters insurance coverage for YOU! That can mean many different things and it is essential to have good renters insurance that you survey your belongings and assess their value. Look into your policy to know if you exceed any limits that would stress your coverage.

Our insurance agents will be glad to help, quote your insurance, or provide some genuine advice.

Now, you need to do what is best for your apartment and your success. If you are renting a home, this is the coverage to protect you and your property. Our agents will help you understand coverages in more detail and answer any questions.

Is Renters Insurance Worth It?

Yes. Without a doubt, renters insurance is something every renter needs to have in place. Renters insurance offers a comprehensive amount of coverage at little cost. Most renters insurance policies we write, our clients pay less than a dollar a day to insure their apartment’s, condo’s, or town home’s contents.

Southern States Insurance strives to give you the best resources to stay educated on your insurance needs. Even if you are confident you have good renters insurance for your contents, there are exceptions that can exist and exclude some property. Depending on your contents some contents may exceed your coverage limit and may require further action. We will be here to help you.

If you have fine jewelry, irreplaceable art pieces, high value collectables, and/or luxury electronics we recommend you have them appraised and learn if they exceed your coverage limit. Insuring them separately from your renters insurance with a scheduled stand alone floater policy will provide the coverage you need.

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Because if something were to happen and you were to lose your apartment or all of your stuff without Renters Insurance coverage it is simply gone.

Because renters insurance policies will help you pay for the loss, replace your property, and put you up in a new apartment.

If you need additional coverage our agents can help you. A scheduled personal property is the answer to avoid common limits on renters and homeowners insurance coverages. Often this is a misunderstanding and many of our renters insurance clients believe because the contents are in their apartment they are safe. Let us help you protect your property and rest in the assurance of good insurance.

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