Insurance is necessary, not only by law, but really to succeed. Something eventually will go wrong and insurance allows you to thrive even after unforeseen accidents occur.

Southern States Insurance believes you don’t need to find only the cheapest insurance but a good insurance agency who will be good for you long term. Their are ways to tell if you are in need of looking for a better insurance agency. You deserve to have great insurance and that is found through a great insurance company. Here are four warning signs that you don’t have good insurance and need to change your insurance policy:

1. If you don’t know your insurance agent’s name

You can still get great insurance coverage and not have a good relationship with your insurance agent. But, if you can get the same coverage and an added relationship and an agent who can give you advice; wouldn’t that be better? Our insurance agents develop a relationship with our clients and support them in their endeavors to help them become most successful.

Good insurance may be based on our definition. Good insurance in the eyes of Southern States Insurance company is insurance coverage that is tailored for the unique risks you face, at the most competitive price available, and give you an agent to guide you with advice and ways to mitigate risks.

2. You are worried about an insurance claim

Knowing your policy and what is included and excluded will relieve yourself of the worry of an insurance claim. Our insurance agents work to deliver an insurance coverage that encompasses all of your potential risks to protect you, your property, or your belongings.

Our insurance agency frequently shares insurance blogs on ways to prevent risks, save on your insurance costs and better understanding insurance practices. A better understanding of your insurance policy and what to do, will eliminate your worry about an insurance claim. We will show you how we are here to help when something goes wrong, not become another problem in the midst of stressful circumstances.

3. You don’t know where to go for help

As a client of Southern States Insurance you have a direct line to your new insurance agent and they are able to give you insurance advice and answer your questions about the best insurance coverage for you.

One of the advantages of being an independent insurance agency, is we are able to provide personal insurance service and we shop your insurance with numerous insurance carriers to give you the best price. In being a smaller agency and not a larger carrier, we learn about our customers and understand their needs. We are constantly highlighting our customers and enjoy helping them succeed.

4. Your price has drastically increased recently

Has your insurance renewal price ever jumped up by a large percentage and you were completely unaware? No matter what the cause may be we find it necessary to keep you informed on why that happened. We not only keep you informed, but because we work with several insurance carriers you won’t be trapped to keep your coverage with the same carrier. You have options and if there is another company with a competitive rate, you don’t have to look elsewhere. We look out for your best interest, it is our goal to be sure your completely satisfied. Their can be many factors to determine the best decision to make, but our insurance agents will lead you in that conversation.

In Conclusion – An Insurance Company Should Be Invested In Your Best Interest

There are ways to determine if you are with a good insurance agency for your insurance needs. Southern States Insurance can be the insurance provider you are looking for, and we would love to show you what we could do for you. With Southern States Insurance:

  • We will build a relationship with you through your personal insurance agent.
  • We will provide you with access to our insurance blogs that educate you on ways to manage risks, save on insurance costs, and the latest insurance news and general knowledge.
  • We will be available to answer your questions and concerns by phone, email, Facebook, and twitter. Which ever is most convenient for you.
  • We will keep you at the most competitive price point as we write with numerous insurance carriers to give you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Good insurance exists with a good insurance company. Southern States Insurance writes auto, business, home, and life insurance policies and would love an opportunity to insure you and your needs. If you are looking for a new insurance company, start a conversation with one of our insurance agents. Request a free insurance quote. Find an insurance agency you love, it does exist. We believe you deserve good insurance and an insurance agency who can help you succeed.