5 Ways To Prevent and Minimize Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage may travel through walls, ceilings, and often damages multiple levels/floors of a home, based on the path it chooses to take. It is rarely a contained issue and can cover more than you would imagine! We had the opportunity to witness the damage water brings as we spent a day with Reliable Restoration restoring a home.

According to the American Insurance Association, “Water damage claims have been growing faster than any other component of homeowners insurance.”

What To Know To Minimize Water Damage

  • Know where to shut off the water to your home – Your house valve is typically located outside, near the street either below ground with a cover or in a concrete box. It can also be located on the side or back of your home. This is important to know in case of any emergency to stop water flow.
  • Check and test the water valve – Once you have found the water shut off valve, test it. Be sure you are able to turn it. Many of them haven’t been turned in some time and it may be best for you to use some lubricant or some tools. (May be wise to mark the valve incase you have to turn off water at night and it is hard to see)
  • Let faucets drip – during extremely cold weather if your water is still turned on. This will allow pressure to be released and water to move and can prevent pipes from busting.
  • Notice any spike in water bill – If your water bill seems abnormally high, check and inspect your home for potential water damage, as it may be a sign that you have a leak or water running you are not aware of, you can possibly prevent the damage from escalating and catch it early!
  • Occasionally check your pipes –Overtime pipes will become more prone to damage. It is suggested to occasionally check for cracks, rust, corrosion, or other signs of damage. It is much easier to prevent and catch it before a pipe bursts!

These tips won’t save your life, but can possibly save you thousands of dollars and minimize the damage to your home. Being prepared and aware is the most important thing you can do!

In Conclusion:

As an independent insurance agency we believe we can help educate the public and our clients on mistakes we see and encounter to help you save money! Our insurance company believes together we can accomplish great things. When you’re considering the best option for Georgia homeowners insurance, remember our passion to see you succeed.

Leaks can be slow and gradual, taking years to detect until significant property damage occurs, or there can be large leaks that quickly produce a variety of damaging results. Knowing these tips will help you minimize damage and feel safe and knowledgeable in your home. These tips are for water damage prevention, specifically dealing with pipes, we also have shared home flood insurance information if that is more applicable to your needs.

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