Gas prices have been expensive for such a period of time that it is no longer relevant news to read. We still believe saving money on gas is important although it may not capture as many headlines. Our insurance agency was surprised to learn some tips we weren’t aware of that can help you save money!

Our insurance company is stepping in to share ways you can easily boost your MPG’s and save money at the pumps! Below are six tips to save money on your gas prices! Start saving today!

6 Ways To Save Money On Gas

    1. Check Your Calendar – Don’t Fill Up On Weekends

    Never (fill up) on a Sunday. The weekends are the most expensive times to fill up on your car’s gas. Gas prices typically rise over the weekend and are at their lowest midweek. Wednesday prices are most often the lowest and station owners post the new weekend prices mid-morning on Thursdays preparing for the weekend traffic.

    Always fill up in the mornings because the new prices typically are changed mid-morning.

    2. Cruise – A Steady Ride Burns Less Gas

    The smoother your ride the more optimized mileage performance you will receive from your car. Acceleration and breaking both burn up gas and can add as much as one-third to your gas bill. Minimize your gas consumption and try to maintain a consistent speed as much as possible. Our insurance agency recommends using cruise control, but keeping your focus on the roads.

    Be smooth.

    3. Tire Pressure – Check Your PSI Especially When It’s Cold

    When the temperature drops so does your tire pressure! A tire low on air forces your car to work harder to reach your destination and ultimately increase gas consumption.

    Check your tire pressure – under-inflated tires are commonly ignored and drastically effect MPG as tires are more resistant. Tires lose air naturally overtime but when the temperature expect the PSI to drop, although once a drive begins the wheels will warm up and raise PSI levels.

    You can buy a reliable tire gauge for extremely cheap and check your tires monthly. You can also look for Free Air pumps at many gas stations and make it into a habit to periodically check your wheels.

    Be sure to check your tire pressure especially when it is cold.

    4. New Direction – Reconsider Your Route To Avoid Stopping

    Consolidate your errands into the most minimal number of stops as possible. Consider your commute and how to avoid stoplights and sitting in traffic, the shortest route is not always the most fuel efficient.

    5. Technology – There Is An App For That

    Of course there is an app for fuel economy.

    Our insurance agency recommends an app called Gasbuddy. Gesbuddy reports the cheapest gas near your location or in your city. Even saving a few cents a gallon adds up. Gasbuddy also rewards users for updating changing gas prices and gives active users a weekly opportunity to win $250 dollars in gas!

    Also, be on the look out for Signal Guru which is currently being developed to understand your route and tapping into a database of traffic signals to suggest a speed to maintain to hit all green lights. The app allows drivers to drive a more consistent speed and avoid idling both contributing to better fuel economy.

    Now the most interesting…

    6. Lose The Weight

    Carrying extra weight takes more fuel and cuts down your MPG. If you keep your golf clubs in your trunk, if you are lugging around unnecessary weight, or if you have anything the could lighten your load, take it out of your car!

    Allstate and recently conducted research on the weight of the driver and passenger and how that directly impacts MPG and fuel economy so add diet to the list of ways to save on gas!

    Source: Allstate Insurance Blog

Bonus – Way To Save Money For Your Car

Following those tips will help you visit the gas station less and get the most for your dollar at the pumps. We are glad to help you save money!

We help people save money everyday but on their insurance coverage. If you want to learn how to save money on your car insurance, why your current car insurance is the price it is, or if you are just looking for general insurance advice our insurance agents would love to help.

Our goal is to help people succeed and save money. Get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about how our insurance agency helps people save and works with them to see them succeed.