The restaurant life is full of unexpected events and unforeseeable joys – it is the nature of the beast. The chaos fuels the most talented businessmen and chef to take control and lead their restaurant to success.

As a restaurant owner who believes in quality food and service, you would never serve your clients cheap processed food. We are the same way.

Let us tell you about how our “kitchen” operates and what we can “cook” up for you. Our “chefs” are pretty talented.

Southern States Insurance Is Serving Something Good

We believe you can find cheaper insurance somewhere if you look hard enough, but also we are confident in what we offer to the client that makes us so unique.

Our insurance company believes in doing everything possible to help your business succeed. We want to help spread the word of your successes and announcements to bring in new business. Southern States insurance also provides regularly updated blogs on our site, as well as on Facebook and Twitter to help you understand current risks and ways to save on your insurance costs.

The most important thing about our insurance company is the relationships we build with our clients. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their risk exposures and what we can do to deliver the best insurance coverage for their unique needs.

Restaurant Insurance Coverage – The Ingredients

Your independent insurance agent will need to put together a package specific to your restaurant needs to protect you and your business from numerous risk exposures.

Your restaurant insurance package should include the following:

  • General Liability – liability insurance protects against trip and falls and customer injuries. This cover should also protect you in case of a lawsuit – paying defense costs.
  • Property Insurance – physical damage coverage for your building or your improvements and contents.
  • Automobile Liability – is necessary if the restaurant has a vehicle, but if the restaurant does not have any vehicles in the business name this coverage isn’t necessary. You should consider adding the coverage to provide protection if an employee is running an errand for the restaurant and anything were to happen, but we can discuss this coverage further.
  • Workers Compensation – this coverage will protect you if one of your employees is injured on the job. It is usually required by the state depending on the number of restaurant employees.
  • Life Insurance – It may sound odd to discuss life insurance with restaurant coverage, but in case something happens to you as the business owner, your family and successors will have extra cash flow to be able to hire someone to take care of the extra work or management duties if necessary.

This is a brief overview and starting point to the basic coverage suggestions for your restaurant insurance. With-in each policy type there are numerous options available and your unique needs will be fit with coverage to protect your specific circumstances.

Southern States Insurance Is Here To Help Your Restaurant

Selecting the appropriate coverage to protect your investment in your commercial property can be a confusing process. It is more that selecting an accurate coverage limit. There are different coverage forms, potential hazards to consider, property not normally included and numerous other options. Southern States Insurance represents several property insurance carriers so we are able to tailor a product specific to your needs.

In the end we are your advocate and doing what we can to help you succeed.

If you already have insurance we can help you shop your coverage or simply provide insurance advice, or answer any insurance related questions you may have. If you are looking for insurance, fill out a free insurance quote form at the top of the page and let’s start a conversation.

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