Insurance can be something that is hard to tangibly grasp and witness as it works to restore a person’s life and belongings. In a recent insurance claim we worked with Reliable Restoration as they mitigate fire damages. This is the story and experience of the pain and redemption of a recent home fire.

The shocking reality of fire damage and importance of vacant home insurance

As I walked into the house I was shocked by the immediate odor of smoke that continued to linger in the home. The house had caught fire, while no one was home, four days prior to my arrival. I was told the smell is absorbed by the walls, floors, and contents of the home and it takes a persistent effort to remove the stench.

The first steps inside the house, I was surprised the ground was so wet. It was as if I was walking in mud. The combination of ash, soot, and water in the carpet is an effect of the firefighters saving the home as they pump thousands of gallons of water into the house to extinguish the flames. The entire upstairs was blackened and nearly seemed pitch black. It was devastating.


The process of restoration begins because of good home insurance

I spoke with a Reliable Restoration rep and he explained the process to move from tragedy back again to ordinary. Responding to a call quickly is of utmost importance and Reliable Restoration understands the urgent need for immediate action. The reason responding quickly is important is it minimizes risk and harm. Often, theft becomes an issue following a fire, and windows and doors need to be boarded up. Reliable Restoration arrived within an hour to the empty property to begin work.

The water damage is one of the biggest concerns. Following the demolition process of stripping down all damaged surfaces, the drying process begins. Drying can be extensive but is required for proper restoration along with an ozone cleaning. This process replaces the air in the home six times over every hour! The smell is in everything! To insure the restored home doesn’t have any lingering scents they do all that is necessary.

Healing during a difficult homeowners insurance claim

A worker for Reliable Restoration described, “It can be hard comforting a customer after such a devastating loss. We have to remind them this is what we deal with and it is our job. We will restore them.” It is an emotional process to walk through a home of memories and witness the tragic loss. As sad as it is to find pictures and memories burned, it would be much worse to imagine new memories never being made.

It is shocking to walk through the home. Experiencing such loss emphasizes the importance of homeowners insurance and general liability insurance clearly. We are sure our client’s insurance policies give them the hope they need and the ability to be restored.

What We Learned From Our Day With Reliable Restoration

We are always learning but we have put some of our thoughts in blog form to help educate you and keep you safe!

Our plea when you’re deciding on the best insurance agency for you

Please do not choose an insurance agency based solely on convenience or savings advertised in a commercial. Our Georgia insurance company believes the best insurance for you is one that is tailored to the risks you encounter. We get to know you and understand your risks to write an insurance policy that fits your needs. We work with you to get you back to normal and doing what you love after a loss.

After working with Reliable Restoration, we would recommend them to help with any restoration you may need. They specialize in fire, water, and mold and will gladly come out for a free estimate and deliver professional advice.