“If your not growing your dying” is the state of mind we’ve accepted at Southern States Insurance Company.

Today, we welcome our newest branch addition in Lawrencville, Georgia!


Our Georgia Insurance Company has been in the insurance business delivering quality and personal coverage for twenty years, as of this April. Throughout that time we have acquired a total of eight branch locations. We have insurance agencies able to provide you care right in your own neighborhood!

Beyond spreading our office locations, we have recently increased our efforts in spreading our message! We want to connect with our clients and continue to be the same personal insurance company we have been over the history of our company. But, we need your help to connect in today’s world!

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We plan to use these medias to highlight our client’s successes, relay local news, share some good laughs, and offer future discounts and deals.

We believe there is great value in getting to hear each of your opinions on how we can better serve our clients. To best grow and be the insurance agency you need, we need you to help spread the word and voice your thoughts and opinions!

We look forward to 2012 and all that the year will hold, not just for us, but for our clients! Help us tell the stories of our client’s great successes and accomplishments. Help us improve our personal experience to be involved in our clients lives.

Stay tuned for April! We want to celebrate our 20th year Anniversary in a BIG way that involves each of you!