As a photographer, it is your job to ensure that the pictures you are so diligently taking while on shoot remain safely stored. This is especially important if you are working with a client and capturing a special moment in their life, something not capable of being recreated. So how can you make sure that client data is safely stored?

More than likely you are working with a memory card in your camera, but a big downfall of memory cards while on a shoot (like at a special event such as a wedding or a birthday) there is only a limited amount of time to back up the data. If you’re not bringing a lap top or other storage device to back photos up while on a shoot, that is the first thing you’ll need to change!

    Back it up!

    Regularly backup pictures on a laptop. It ensures that if there is a data card malfunction, you will not have lost all the photos, just the ones from the last update.

    Back it up again!

    Back up photos on an external hard drive, once you leave your location and are back to your studio

    Just in case…

    Keep your external hard drive at a separate location, perchance your studio was to be damaged in a fire or suffer from burglary.

    Store it virtually

    You may want to get photographer’s software, such as Lightroom or Drobo. This was you have a water tight system of saved client data

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