When shopping for insurance coverage online, too often people measure the worth of their potential insurance coverage on the wrong factors.

We want to show you:

  1. What is important when shopping for insurance
  2. Common mistakes people believe when looking for insurance
  3. The benefits of an insurance agent

Understanding the benefits that exist with an insurance agent compared to an insurance quote will not only change your experience of finding good insurance, but also can eliminate future stress and frustration but pairing you with quality insurance coverage tailored to the risks you face.

Differences to Consider When Looking For Insurance Coverage – A Quote vs. An Agent

An Insurance Quote

A quote is the price to insure you and your assessed risks. No matter what type of insurance coverage you are requesting, a quote is the estimated cost to provide coverage. But, there are flaws by seeking out an insurance quote and the potentially insured can be mislead by:

  • An appealing low price that lacks needed coverage.
  • An insurance policy that exists with no guidance and little direction for better understanding.
  • A company who makes their money selling policies and not providing service or caring for customers.
  • A mentality of convenience over quality.

When receiving an insurance quote stay focused on your goal. The ultimate goal is not the lowest price to pay, but the best insurance coverage for your needs. A common mistake is only shopping price and missing important coverages that an agent who cares is able to discuss with you and recommend after understanding you and the risks you face.

Insurance quotes are necessary to understand costs and in making an educated decision. Don’t let a quote be misleading as insurance coverages may or may not meet all of your needs, and your price can falsely appear to be more competitive.

Many insurance companies use their quotes to hook those searching for cheap insurance and prey on people who don’t understand their need for good insurance coverage. You may be able to save money at first, but when it is time for a claim there is likely a chance you are not fully protected. An agent can bring the guidance and advice you need in being appropriately covered.

An Insurance Agent

An agent will learn your insurance needs and address them. A good insurance agent provides insurance coverage tailored to your risk exposure.

An independent insurance agent is able to:

  1. Provide a unique coverage policy based on your need.
  2. Save you money by quoting your insurance with numerous carriers.
  3. Educate you on ways to save money and mitigate risks.
  4. Develop a relationship with you for your long term success.

The biggest difference of an insurance agent and an insurance quote is in what happens after the policy begins.

The price point may not be such a drastic difference in ever circumstance, but an agent will work with you to help you understand your risks, ways to reduce them, and help you in the event of a claim to see you succeed.

Our Georgia insurance agency works to help our clients achieve great things by relaying up to date blogs and news on ways to save money, mitigate risks, and coverage details. As oppose to an insurance quote and agreeing to a price for a piece of paper, working with an insurance agent allows for a relationship to exist to help you whenever you have need. Our insurance agents love our clients.

Southern States Insurance works with numerous carriers and shops your insurance needs to offer the best price. You don’t compromise the competitive price you thought an insurance quote would give you, but you are more confident that it is a good price for your needs knowing you had a professional working on your side.

An Insurance Quote vs. An Insurance Agent

  • An insurance quote can be based of a price that may lack coverage in order to appear attractive.
  • An insurance agent develops a relationship to help you succeed.
  • Independent insurance agency’s shop your insurance needs through numerous carriers to find the best price for your insurance needs.

Many companies try to hook you in with their quick and convenient quote, but you may be more interested in an insurance agent who understands your needs and the risks you face. We believe you deserve someone to listen to your needs and your success is worth a few minutes of our time. (4 Signs You Don’t Have Good Insurance Coverage)

Southern States Insurance and You

You can likely always find a better price if you search hard enough, but you can’t find better service than through with Southern States Insurance.

Insurance isn’t a game with everyone trying to come in with just the lowest price. You need to be sure you have all the proper coverages in place and an agent to guide you along the way.

Our insurance agents would love to get to know you and work to help you succeed. We believe when shopping for good insurance, price is not the only thing that needs to be considered. Understanding relationship, education, coverage, and price are all factors to finding the best insurance for you, go and look for good insurance with confidence.

If you would like to start a relationship with our insurance company or learn how we can help you. Take a moment to give us your information and we can quote you based on your needs.

The insurance quote on our page is the first step we take to get to know you. We will call you to better understand your needs and introduce you to your new insurance agent. We look forward to hearing how you’ve reached your goals with the help of good insurance coverage.