Accurately pricing life insurance rates for someone who isn’t a professional agent is an overwhelming task. Life insurance isn’t a grocery store product that you recognize a good price when you see it. Life insurance is more complicated.

Understanding life insurance rates and how to save with the best coverage possible, is easy with good guidance.

How Would You Know If You Are Paying Too Much?

Unfortunately, this is hard to do.

You likely can’t compare apples to apples even attempting to compare rates of people with similar health and age not knowing their complete medical history and other factors that play a part into a life insurance quote such as date made active.

The best way is to shop your insurance by talking with an independent insurance agency.

The advantage of an independent insurance agency is the added benefit of being able to write insurance through numerous carriers which can deliver the most competitive price, as well as provide a unique amount of personal service. Southern States Insurance is aware of price changes with in the market, even carrier specific, and will guide you to your greatest success.

The only way to know if you are paying too much for your current life insurance is to comparing rates and learning what other prices are offered.

How Cheap Are We Talking Here?

In the end many decisions are fueled by price. This is a dangerous sell point in terms of insurance, but not so if coverage is addressed primarily. Price is important and now we are offering the best price we’ve seen in many years.

A general expectation for life insurance prices is specific to the individuals circumstances but to help make the figures graspable, here are some numbers:

    $1,000,000 Term Life Insurance Policy Annual Premium
    Male Age 10 Year Term 15 Year Term 20 Year Term
    35 $265 $300 $450
    45 $595 $875 $1,155
    55 $1,525 $2,165 $2,875
    65 $4,375 $6,694 $9,140

Those numbers are for a male, preferred plus, non-smoker. Our Georgia insurance company has access to markets that can deliver the best prices for most every health situation. Let’s compare those prices to a female of the same ages who also is a preferred plus, non-smoker.

    $1,000,000 Term Life Insurance Policy Annual Premium
    Female Age 10 Year Term 15 Year Term 20 Year Term
    35 $245 $300 $400
    45 $515 $675 $900
    55 $1,150 $1,355 $2,105
    65 $2,635 $3,745 $5,510

Today’s rates are better than they have been in the past ten years and Southern States Insurance wants to help our clients save money at this exclusive price point.

Southern States Insurance with access to numerous carriers is able to write life insurance policies for most every circumstance. If you want to learn how you can save on your life insurance the next step is to fill out a free insurance quote request form or call us at your convenience and we can get to you more.

When Is The Best Time To Get Life Insurance?

It depends more on circumstance than age to determine your need for life insurance.

The market has been declining over the last ten years and is starting to show signs of rising rates.

If you have any interest in extending your life insurance policy or adding a life insurance policy for the first time, we would recommend getting a quote at your earliest convenience. It only benefits you more.

Give Your Loved Ones The Comfort and Security

If you have others dependent on you, life insurance is something that is necessary. Take advantage of this opportunity.

How do you know if you are paying too much for life insurance? You have to get a quote and guidance from a professional insurance agent. Let us know if we can help protect your family and save you money.

It is what we do for people everyday.

Our insurance agency in Atlanta can deliver free competitive life insurance quotes from over 40 top-rated insurance companies and it is as simple as typing in your basic information or calling to start the process. Consider who you know that could benefit from this opportunity, help them out and let them know.

Have any questions about life insurance coverage? Leave them in the comments section!