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Church Insurance: The Most Important Things You Need To Cover

Church Insurance: The Most Important Things You Need To Cover

Criminals have been known to run into a church yelling “Sanctuary!” to avoid capture. Partly because churches have always been a place of safety and security.

But the reality is our world involves risks. And churches aren’t immune.

Knowing how to properly insure your church will give you […]

Top 2 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Be Without Church Insurance Coverage

Sometimes when one thinks about insurance and church it seems like oil and water, they just do not go together. After all the church’s purpose is to build up their membership through shared belief and encouragement. Why would an organization whose very purpose is to be a light in the darkness need […]

The Best Way To Get Lower Trucking Insurance Premiums

In my career as a short haul trucking insurance specialist I have never talked to a trucker who did not want to save money on their insurance. Never even once. But despite this I have had many short haul truckers through the years not want to give me one critical piece of […]

What Exactly Does Your Church Insurance Cover?

This is a very good question but honestly it is not asked enough. To understand the importance of this question consider the following: If your church participated in one of the following examples would your church’s insurance policy cover you?

A fall festival that includes hay rides and games
Purchasing a Christian radio station
A public sermon […]

5 Things To Consider When Shopping For Cheap Commercial Insurance

Agree or disagree, commercial insurance is all the same the only difference is the price? While you are thinking about the answer to that question let me share with you this story as an illustration:

When I moved into my first apartment (which was later condemned…..) I did not have any cooking utensils. […]

5 Important Considerations About Insurance For Vacuum Trucks

We have all seen and heard the horrible stories: another accident involving an 18 wheeler with serious injuries and the questions that follow: was the truck driver being safe and could this have been prevented? Even if the trucker is not at fault in modern America a lawsuit is still almost inevitable. […]

3 Simple Steps To Buying Commercial Insurance For Your New Business

If you are a business owner and you already have commercial insurance check out my blog on the best way to get renewal quotes: Three Common Questions About Getting The Best Renewal Quotes, but if you have never purchased commercial insurance read on to find the three simple steps you need to get the […]

Three Common Questions About Getting The Best Renewal Quotes

It’s a question every business owner has when it’s time for their commercial insurance to renew: How do I make sure to get the best value but also make certain I am covered? Is my insurance a mystery or is there a right way and a wrong way to shop for the best renewal […]

2 Insurance Coverages Every Church Needs But Might Not Have

By its very nature a church is grounded in love: God’s love for us and in turn the church’s love for its members and the community make churches unique and special. Because the very foundation of the church is goodness it can be easy for the church administration to not focus intently enough […]

4 Secrets That Will Help Every Short-Haul Make More Money

Does this story fit you?

You have a truck sitting at the dock but because your agent has not sent out a certificate you can’t get loaded. With every tick of the clock you lose money and get more and more frustrated. Running a trucking company is hard enough, especially short-haul, as it […]