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One Simple Step To Save Money On Short-Haul Trucking Insurance

As a trucking company your costs are high. You pull a load today and the broker doesn’t want to pay you for sixty days. You start putting new tires on your rig and by the time you get done it’s time start over. Then there is insurance which is one of your […]

3 Overlooked Insurance Policies Every Doctor’s Office Needs

3 Overlooked Insurance Policies Every Doctor’s Office Needs
Most doctor’s offices carry medical malpractice insurance and basic business owners coverage. But these policies don’t cover many common but very important exposures every medical practice faces. Here are three insurance coverages every doctor’s office should consider.
1. Cyber Liability
The large amount of personal information held by medical practices makes […]

3 Steps To Take If Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Gets Non-Renewed

It’s every doctor’s worst nightmare: a medical malpractice insurance claim. You have devoted your life and your career to helping people and now this. Whether you did make a mistake or whether you were falsely accused you still had to defend yourself and your practice by making a malpractice claim. […]

The 2 Most Common Misconceptions About Workers Comp

If you are a business owner you are probably familiar with workers comp insurance. From my experience as a commercial insurance professional there are lots of opinions about workers comp ranging from “It’s a fraud that costs me lots of money for nothing” to “I am so thankful that I had a quality workers […]

3 Steps Every Daycare Needs To Take Regarding Sexual Abuse And Molestation Insurance

It’s the worst nightmare for any daycare, the allegation of sexual abuse or molestation. Your heart is broken and a million thoughts go through your head: How did this happen? Is this allegation true? What do I do now?

While no matter how many safeguards are put in place accusations, whether factual […]

3 Simple Steps For A Contractor To Get Paid Quicker

Tell me if you have ever been in this spot: You just finished a job as a sub-contractor and you are ready to get paid. Your costs for this job are high but you are hoping to eke out some profit and you really want to believe that the economy is rebounding […]

4 Easy Steps to Understanding “Claims-Made” Medical Malpractice Insurance

Does this sound familiar? In medical school you are told to never, ever, no matter what buy a claims-made policy for your medical malpractice insurance. They said it is a trap that you cannot escape; a scheme designed to cost you money, but is it really? What is the difference anyway, […]

Does Your Trucking Insurance Agent Specialize In Short Haul?

It is harder and harder every day to be successful as a trucking company owner.
You are a professional driver, you know how to get loads and make money but it’s just so tough to operate with such high overhead. Of course one of your biggest costs is insurance and you dread […]

Navigating the (New) Health Insurance System

Health insurance in the United States is undergoing radical changes due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its many provisions. From October 2013 going forward, the market will be vastly different –

7 Tips for Getting the Lowest Life Insurance Rate

According to the Insurance Information Institute only 1/3rd of Americans hold a life insurance policy. While there’s no doubt life insurance is a must for you and your family’s peace of mind, it’s an expense that can stretch tight budgets to the limit. —