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Does My Georgia Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Floods?

Flood insurance is available as a separate coverage and is not covered in your homeowners insurance policy. This insurance is only required to those who live in a Special Flood Hazard Area (S.F.H.A.) or are in a high-risk flood zone. –

5 Ways To Prevent and Minimize Water Damage in Your Home

5 Ways To Prevent and Minimize Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage may travel through walls, ceilings, and often damages multiple levels/floors of a home, based on the path it chooses to take. It is rarely a contained issue and can cover more than you would imagine! We had the opportunity to witness […]

3 Steps To Getting The Best Deal On Your Car Insurance Renewal

It’s that time again. You are busy with the hustle and bustle of the work week, getting the kids to their team sports practices and games and working full time. Then it’s time to run out for a quick meal, trying to make “healthy” a choice. It can sometimes be a Catch-22 these days. […]

Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail insurance is often referred to as “non-trucking liability.” A bobtail truck is just a tractor without a trailer. So, bobtail insurance will insure your truck when it is not being used for trucking activities. –

Why Trucking Insurance Premiums Are So High?

Premiums are expensive for long haul truckers because insurance carriers consider truckers high risk. They spend most of their working time on the road, which is a very dangerous place to be. Plus, accidents involving large trucks are typically more severe, and people are more apt to sue a large commercial vehicle as […]

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance coverage does not come standard on your commercial trucking insurance policy. And, that is exactly what you need in order to cover the load you are hauling. Even if you purchase “full coverage insurance” on your auto policy, it still will not cover your freight if it is damaged or […]

5 Stages of Hurricane Preparedness

Table of Contents
1. Before A Hurricane
2. During A Hurricane Watch
3. A Hurricane Warning
4. During The Hurricane Storm
5. The Aftermath
What to Do If There is Damage to Your Home or Business
The Homeowners Insurance You Need

Hurricanes and tornadoes are powerful and frightening, but you don’t have to be completely at their mercy. There are ways for […]

Ten Ways To Cut the Cost of Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Have you noticed that the cost of your homeowner's insurance coverage has increased significantly over the last several years? Here are ten ways to minimize the cost of your homeowner's insurance.
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Summertime is Pool Season – Keep it Safe!

Swimming is a favorite summertime activity all over the country. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike quickly and unexpectedly. Here are some things you might not know about pool safety.
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6 Tips For Grilling Safely

Americans enjoy more than three billion barbecues each year. But barbecuing can be dangerous, even deadly, if you are not careful. The following tips can make your grilling experience safer: