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The Importance of Beauticians Errors and Omissions For Your Salon’s Insurance

As a hairstylist what do you plan to do if you suddenly face a lawsuit?
Beauticians face charges of legal suits due to loss of income, loss of happiness, and loss of financial opportunity when people blame their haircut as being a negative deciding factor in their life somehow. –

Locksmith Insurance 101 – What Locksmiths Need To Consider

Don’t be alarmed when trying to understand your locksmith business insurance needs, we can help you realize your unique risk exposures and provide you with insurance to help your business succeed. –

The 2 Biggest Mistakes Car Thieves Want You To Make This Summer

This hot summer weather is absolutely perfect conditions for the pool car theft.
Car theft during the summer months is as common as posting a picture of your car thermometer with a triple digit reading. What makes the season so favorable for theft? Southern States Insurance will discuss why drivers are most at risk during […]

A Key Concern For Locksmith Insurance Coverage

General locksmith operations involve installation, repair, maintenance, replace locks and lock systems on buildings and automobiles, with locksmiths often providing 24-hour emergency unlocking services. –

The Top Weather Related Killer and Tips To Stay Safe Against It

Heat is the Number One Weather Related Killer in The United States
Unfortunately none of us have been a stranger to this season’s hot weather through out the country, but even in the miserable hot temperatures we wouldn’t have predicted HEAT to be the most dangerous weather related event. With temperatures breaking thousands of records, […]


3 Minutes That Will Reveal Your Need For Renters Insurance

In the time it takes to listen to a song on the radio we are going to decide if you do or don’t need Renters Insurance coverage. If you want to pick a soundtrack to this decision choose a song now and let’s go!

Here We Go
Open up a program you can write on, Word, […]

Our Georgia Insurance Company Gives Our Clients A Better Opinion On Insurance

Southern States Insurance is changing opinions one client at a time.
When people ask what we do for a living they disregard any friendship existing after the word “insurance” leaves our mouth. Unless they know us before hand or are being forced into being around us, there is very little chance our job field puts […]

4 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Hair Salon Insurance & Reduce Losses!

Sit down. How about a little trim?…On your hair salon insurance costs!
Adopt these simple practices to reduce the cost of your hair salon insurance premiums and experience less claims. Let us help you even before accidents happen. –

The First Question To Expect When Buying Beauty Salon Insurance Coverage

To insure your hair salon business for the best price and cover all the risks you face the conversation will likely start or potentially end sounding like this: –

Insurance Companies Pass The Bill If You’ve Been Drinking

The Sobering Reality
Accidents happen, and they happen more often after a few dr>inks & the phrase, “Hey, watch me do this!”
Did you realize that your health insurance company may have the right to deny your claim if there is any alcohol or drugs present during your injury? –