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Are You Looking For An Insurance Agent Or An Insurance Quote?

When shopping for insurance coverage online, too often people measure the worth of their potential insurance coverage on the wrong factors.
We want to show you:

What is important when shopping for insurance
Common mistakes people believe when looking for insurance
The benefits of an insurance agent

Understanding the benefits that exist with an insurance agent compared to […]

The Changes Liz Reece Has Seen Over Her 20 Years With Southern States Insurance Company

At age 17 Liz Reece began her journey in the insurance business. The following years she would have her hands in near ever aspect of insurance at some point and becoming essential to our staff. 1992 Liz joined Southern States Insurance Company and was one of three employees. Asking Liz about her first days […]

4 Warning Signs You May Not Have Good Insurance & Need To Change Your Insurance Policy!

Insurance is necessary, not only by law, but really to succeed. Something eventually will go wrong and insurance allows you to thrive even after unforeseen accidents occur.
Southern States Insurance believes you don’t need to find only the cheapest insurance but a good insurance agency who will be good for you long term. Their are […]

The Best Time To Talk To A Renters Insurance Agency

The reality is anytime is the best time, but it can depend. Some apartment complexes require apartment residents to have renters insurance prior to signing the lease. In other circumstances, an apartment complex may recommended renters insurance coverage and suggest some possible carriers but it is not required. The simple fact you realize the […]

Our Georgia Insurance Company Can Help You Find Good Renters Insurance For Your Apartment or Condo

Moving can be a stressful time. You have so much to set up and you are constantly packing and unpacking, that it may seem like it will never end! If you have experienced a move recently you know, you don’t realize how much stuff you own until you see it all!
For me, packing always […]

Georgia Home Insurance Policy Holders Need To Be Aware This Season

Some of our staff recently traveled to an insurance convention in Savannah, Georgia. The Georgia Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgins, spoke and told a story of how his office teamed up with WSB TV (Channel 2) to carry out an undercover sting operation exposing roofers who were committing insurance fraud.
Watch the video at this link […]

Why Should I Look Into Long Term Care Coverage Now?

Today’s technological improvements and ever increasing knowledge of health and medicine have led to people continuing to live longer. This has drastically changed our need for long-term care options for our loved ones and one day, ourselves. –

The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make On Their Insurance Coverage

If you are new and learning about insurance coverage or you’ve been a Georgia homeowner for years, have business experience in the insurance industry, and a family insurance plan; no matter how knowledgeable you may be everyone can make mistakes.
The very reason insurance exists is for mistakes, but we want to be sure […]

When Do I Need Life Insurance Advice?

You may expect the leading question to a life insurance conversation to be “How old are you?” Age is a factor but not the best indication of your need for life insurance. Life insurance is something that is more circumstantial than about a magic age that reveals the appropriate amount of need.
Good Life […]

What “The Hunger Games” Can Teach You About Your Life Insurance Needs

An obvious lesson we can take from “The Hunger Games” is that life can be taken at any moment. Although, our circumstances do not appear to be as threatening as a tribute in the games, we face risks all through out the day. Our lives are fragile. We continually confront perils, but there is […]