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What “The Hunger Games” Can Teach You About Homeowner’s Fire Insurance

Fire catches and grows more quickly than the amount of time it takes to read a page-turner like “The Hunger Games”.
When all is calm and Katniss doesn’t expect anything, the game makers bring fire! Fire in your home works in many similar ways. It comes quickly and you must react fast! There are common […]

What “The Hunger Games” Can Teach You About Travel Insurance And Your Need For International Insurance Coverage

How many day’s have you been counting down to see the new movie “The Hunger Games”? Our insurance agency has spent many lunches talking about nothing but “The Hunger Games” and “Walking Dead”. It is like the feeling of a countdown to a great vacation.
In “The Hunger Games” Districts seem as if they […]

What The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About The Need to Insure Valuables

Nothing grew to be more of a prized possession to Katniss Everdeen than her mocking jay pin.
Why is that?
Was Katniss being superficial and materialistic? No. Sometimes an item isn’t solely valuable because of it’s price, but because of it’s personal meaning and significance.
To Katniss her mocking jay pin spoke meaning to her in many […]

How “The Hunger Games” Can Teach You About Good Insurance

Our insurance company believes our relationships with our clients is the foundation to our success. Good insurance isn’t based on convenience or minimum coverage at the least cost, but the best insurance policy is one that is fit to your unique needs.

It Begins With Relationships
Katniss Everdeen grew to be most successful with strong relationships. […]

Our Insurance Agency Supports “Stop Kony 2012”

The purpose of insurance is to help people succeed even when things go wrong. There are people in the world today, for whom things never started going ‘right’, and we are going to do what we can to help change that.
The people of Uganda are facing oppression. A recent movement by Invisible […]

Our Client, Tater Patch Players, is Giving Away 2 Pairs of Free Tickets!

In today’s globally and socially connected world, is there a chance we miss out on things that are offline? Recent ad campaigns laugh at this concept, but we want to highlight a favorite experience of ours, theater!
One of the most unique forms of entertainment is the world of acting! We have an insurance agent […]

Landmark Diner in Atlanta – Where Southern States Insurance Enjoys Eating and Where the Stars Meet at Night!

Perfect for your late night option, and will satisfy your hunger all hours of the day. The Landmark Diner is recognized for their history in downtown Atlanta and will brighten your evenings with their glowing building of neon that lights up the streets.
Most downtown restaurants that are near attractions such as Philips Arena, Underground […]

Why in the World Do I Need International Insurance Coverage?

In today’s globally connected economy, more and more companies of all sizes and in all industries are working with foreign clients. We have learned and advise all of our clients who travel internationally, if working with and traveling to foreign cities, to add international insurance coverage. –

Is The Size Of Your Home Putting You At Risk?

Is The Size Of Your Home Putting You At Risk?

In the busy world around us, it only makes sense to ultimately become people who live a lifestyle that values convenience. A problem that develops at home, is we typically spend most of our time in just a small section of our house. Most people […]

3 Burning Facts You Don’t Expect From A Home Fire Insurance Claim

3 Burning Facts You Don’t Expect From A Home Fire Insurance Claim
You will be surprised to learn some of the repercussions of a home fire and the unfortunate circumstances a fire causes! Below are three things you didn’t know about home fires and the damage caused.There are many things you can do to protect […]