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The Ugly Truth About Texting And Driving

You’ve seen it before, just ahead of you, on the highway. That car is drifting in and out of your lane. Should you slow down? Should you try to pass? Finally you pass the car, and see the driver’s eyes down in his lap, playing with his cell phone. –

5 Key Requirements For Availing Insurance For Small Businesses

You may be surprised to find out that the federal government does not actually require a small business to have business insurance, but on the other hand state governments are very clear on this subject and they do require your small business to have coverage. –

What is Standard Home Insurance Coverage?

I was introduced to home insurance for the first time when I bought my first home in 2008. Before my home purchase, I had no idea what was covered with a standard home insurance policy. –

Frugality Matters – Tips To Getting Cheap Travel Insurance

Traveling is a great way to spend your free time. Most people are embracing the idea of saving up to visit places that they have never been to before, just for leisure or adventure. –

You’ve Got Motorcycle Insurance So You Don’t Have To Worry, Right?

You’ve Got Motorcycle Insurance So You Don’t Have To Worry, Right?

Driving is dangerous. Riding a motorcycle is even more dangerous. Thing is, it’s also about the greatest sensation in the entire universe! –

Personal Health Plan Underwriting Changes in 2014

The unavoidable news of the past year has informed us that health reform is set in stone, and much will change in the insurance marketplace in the coming months. –

How To Find Inexpensive Auto Insurance

These days, it may seem impossible to find inexpensive auto insurance. The good news is that it is very possible to get car insurance without paying a fortune. –