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Church Van And Bus Insurance

Church Van And Bus Insurance
Many churches and other religious organizations have vans and buses 1. Because they can hold a lot of people at one time and 2. They are usually relatively cheap to purchase.

There are many safety factors however that you are exposed to that can cause a serious amount of liability in […]

Professional Liability Insurance For Your Church

In the very litigious world we live in today, not even churches are exempt from lawsuits. In fact, some of the biggest and most controversial lawsuits we see are those that involve the clergy of the church! –

5 Ways To Build Client Rapport Using Social Media

5 Ways To Build Client Rapport Using Social Media
In a fast paced world, email, texts and instant messages make it easy to communicate with clients, especially for salespeople on the go. But if you don’t put that extra touch into your client relationships, you’ll lose them, buckaroo. –

The Insurance Agent Of The Future

A Brief History of Photography [Infographic]

The Best Mobile Apps For Measuring Digital Marketing Results

The Best Mobile Apps For Measuring Digital Marketing Results
So, you’ve joined the ranks of your fellow independent insurance agents marketing themselves on the Internet? Great. But, if you’re like me, you’re not chained to your desk all day. So how can you measure your marketing success from the road?

These mobile apps will allow you […]

3 Things Insurance Agency Buyers Want To Know About You

If you’re selling an insurance agency, you know what questions are coming, right?
“How is the company organized? (Corporation, LLC., Partnership, Sole Proprietor)”
“Have you had any E&O claims in the past 3 years?” –

Home Protection Plans- When Insurance Isn’t Enough

How many times has one of your major household appliances broken down? The refrigerator, the stove or maybe it was the AC unit that just quit working in the middle of August. –

6 Secrets For Recruiting And Retaining Young Agents

6 Secrets For Recruiting And Retaining Young Agents
Have you noticed the old dogs in your agency don’t bark like they used to? Are you facing a perpetuation crisis? Or do you see the direction sales and marketing in our industry is headed and have no clue how to reach younger consumers?

Agency owners across the […]

Photographer Liability Insurance- Insuring Lost Customer Data

We’ve all had it happen to us before- That tiny little memory card in our fancy new camera has just seemed to disappear without warning, and the 300 pictures on it were all from you most recent vacation.

While this is just an annoyance for most people, losing memory cards or having your Lightroom library […]