How To Avoid Financial Disaster After A Natural Disaster [infographic]


Natural Disaster


How To Avoid Financial Disaster After A Natural Disaster

1. Don’t Pay In Full

Never pay a contractor in full or sign a certificate of completion until the work is done and you’re satisfied that work is competent.

2. Do Shop Around

Always get more than one estimate for repairs from several reliable contractors. It could save you a lot of money!

3. Don’t Sign That Dotted Line

Never sign a blank contract or a form that has any missing or blank information!

4. Do Check References

Always check references and review ALL documents, including those that will be sent to your insurance provider.

5. Do Dot Your “i’s” and Cross Your “t’s”

Always get the contractor’s credentials before work is agreed upon. Note the license plates on work vehicles, and check the state license of any contractor before work is authorized!

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[Information for the infographic was provided by The Hanover Insurance Group]