Tropical Storm Isaac is forecast to make landfall sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning along the Gulf Coast. The location of landfall is still uncertain and it is important to be prepared for what circumstances may face you and your home.

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes bring many risks facing homeowners. This is unfortunately a time when many insurance policy holders begin to worry and attempt to add coverages they currently lack and it isn’t always possible to add coverages last minute. Flood insurance has a 30 day waiting period.

Homeowners need to review their policies and understand what is covered and what is required of them. Our agents are just a phone call away from providing insurance advice and clarification. Understand your policy before the event of a claim!

Basic Storm Safety – What You Need To Do

  • Have plenty of cash – With the looming likelihood of losing power, your credit cards won’t be taken many places and ATM’s and cash registers won’t work. Get both large and small bills.

  • Have plenty of ice and water – The recommended water storage is at least one gallon of water per person per day. WE suggest you stock up as much as possible and soon! The lines for ice and water can get pretty long after a storm.

    Several days before a storm is predicted start emptying your ice maker into large plastic bags and place bags into the freezer. Our insurance agency recommends you buy the gallon water containers, open and pour just a little out and then freeze the gallon jugs. You can use to keep your food cold and as it melts you have drinking water.

  • Fill your gas tank – As well as filling the gas tank to your car, also consider buying extra gas for generators or as a means to refill your car.

It is also wise to be sure everyone has their phone fully charged and changes their settings to maintain best battery life possible!

How To Protect Your Home and Property

  • Secure all outdoor objects like garbage cans, lawn furniture, potted plants.
  • Trim tree branches and shrubs away from your roof and home to keep them from damaging your home in strong winds.
  • Secure or bring inside everything in your screened porch. (Insurance policies will often exclude contents on a porch.)
  • Shut off utilities.
  • Turn off propane tanks.
  • Unplug small appliances.


Locate important papers, documents and important family photos. Protect them by using plastic storage bags and placing them in a high and secure location. Make sure your insurance policies are among your important papers.

Take inventory of your home’s contents. We recommend you walk around your home and video your contents using your cellphone to capture all of your contents accurately.

Checklist of What To Have During A Storm

  1. Flashlight
  2. Battery powered Radio
  3. Extra batteries
  4. Prescription and over the counter medications as well as medical items– at least 7 days supply
  5. Multi-purpose toolbox
  6. Duct tape (Of course!)
  7. Sheets, sleeping bags, and pillows
  8. Food – Several days of non-perishable, easy to prepare food.
  9. Sanitation and personal hygiene items
  10. Chainsaw and gas
  11. Generator and gas
  12. Insect repellent and sunscreen
  13. First Aid Kit
  14. Food and water for your pets.(Do not leave them outside!)

Be sure everyone has emergency contact information and all the kids have input neighbors hone numbers into their phones to be able to get in touch with someone in case of an emergency.

What To Do In The Event Of An Insurance Claim

In the event something is damaged or you are to experience loss, contact your insurance agent for guidance and advice.

If possible have your policy number available, know your current contact information and if possible have your mortgage company info.

For most major commercial insurance companies the insurance agents will have to directly submit claims to carriers, but if your coverage is written with a smaller carrier you can contact them directly. We listed a few common carriers you may wish to contact and their number least likely to lose power from the storm.

If you are a client of Southern States Insurance, we will be ready to talk with you and you can call the number listed on our site.

Additional contact numbers that may be helpful:

Citizens – 866-411-2742

Fidelity National Flood – 800-725-9472

Safeco – 800-332-3226

Montgomery 800-561-0178

Sunshine State – 877-563-0150

Universal North American 866-999-0898

Universal Property and Casualty – 800-218-3205

Our Insurance Agency Wants To Help You Succeed

At Southern States Insurance your success is our ultimate goal. We want to help our clients succeed in all seasons of life and no matter what circumstances may arise. We are constantly helping our customers and raising awareness of risks they face.

We would love to get to know you more and learn if our insurance agency could be a good fit to insure you. Often we are able to provide insurance coverage for our clients at a cheaper price than they were previously paying because of the numerous insurance carriers our independent insurance agency is able to write coverage through. We also pride ourselves in the personal relationship we develop with our clients.

With Southern States Insurance you are more than a policy number and insured, but you are a valued client with a name and we are invested in your success.

Be safe if you are in the path of the storm and do everything necessary to minimize your risks and prevent losses.

If you have any questions contact our insurance company and seek insurance advice from one of our professional independent insurance agents.