Until a claim arises you’ve been paying for a promise from your insurance company. You hold a sheet of paper that is essentially a guarantee that when something goes wrong, they will work to make it right. Now, your product is in action but unfortunately you have experienced some type of loss. Understanding what you need to do during a claims process can help your insurance company bring relief to you more quickly and eliminate stress.

What You Need To Do In The Event Of An Insurance Claim

If you have suffered a loss or damage and beginning the claims process here are some things you need to do first. The following steps should help you minimize loss and recover most quickly:

  • Take Pictures – Take many photos of the damage. Today;s phones technology should make it convenient to be able to take pictures of the experienced loss.
  • Take Care of Yourself – Do whatever you can to prevent further damage and best protect yourself and/or your property. Act quickly to assure your safety and prevent further loss. Your claim representative or insurance agent can provide you with recommendations and advice after you are safe.
  • Keep All Receipts – Any temporary repairs you make, any hired help, living expenses or indirect costs that result from your lost need to be documented.
  • Be Patient – While you may wish to clean up as much as possible, especially after a hurricane, do not throw away household belongings such as furniture or any personal items until these items have been inspected by an insurance agent, adjuster or claims representative.

In the event of a natural disaster there is an excess number of claims being made and insurance agencies are working to provide coverage to all of it’s valued clients. Be sure you call your insurance carrier and provide them with updated contact information if you have found temporary housing and a way for them to get in touch with you.

The Importance of Knowing Your Insurance Coverage Before a Claim

The advantage to knowing your coverage can bring a huge amount of peace in a time of complete chaos. Understanding your insurance policy prepares you for the unexpected.

Our independent insurance agents take the time to help our clients understand their insurance coverage and exactly what to expect. There are no questions or worries in the event of an insurance claim because a Southern States Insurance agent has already prepped the clients on exactly what to do and how their tailored covered best protects their circumstances.

Do you know your coverage?

Do you know everything you are paying for in your homeowners policy and what is excluded?

Our agents can help explain your coverage to you and advice you on what insurance you need and ways to save on your insurance policy.

Southern States Insurance Shines During Insurance Claims

When most people are contacting their agency and fighting to get in contact with their agent, Southern States Insurance clients know their insurance agent by name. We have taken the time to develop a relationship and informed you what coverage you need, how to find the cheapest insurance coverage and what to do in the event of an insurance claim.

Working with an insurance agency invested in your success makes the biggest difference when you really need good insurance.

We hate when our clients experience loss and damages, but know that is when we are able to help them most and make them whole again. At our insurance agency, your success is our goal and we won’t let any setback stop you from achieving your dreams.