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If you and your friends decide it’s time for some adventure and pack up the car to go see the world’s largest monuments, watch the sunrise in another state, or simply decide to make a lifelong memory by embarking on a road trip thetr are some additional risks that should be thought through.

Road Trip’s Risks To Consider:

  • What happens to your car insurance while in other states?
  • What if you get in an accident while driving someone else’s car?
  • Can I drive out of my coverage area?
  • If we hook-up a trailer, who do we call do be sure it is covered?
  • Is everyone in the car always covered?

With the prices of gas dropping across the nation and summertime upon us, the ingredients are set for amazing road trips.

Southern States Insurance wants you to accomplish the things you’ve always dreamed of, and sometimes crossing state lines might be the inspiration you need. Whatever you dream, we want to support you to get there. Don’t let anything along the way slow you down (except on a road trip, please obey the Speed Limit laws).

Out of State Coverage

If the insured is out of state when involved in an auto accident, your insurance coverage follows you and you carry your same liability limits and coverage. Each state has different legal limits insurance drivers are required to carry. No matter if you have an accident in a state with higher required insurance limits you still carry your coverage and should not penalized for carrying less than required limits of the state in which the accident occurred.

If you are insured in Georgia, your Georgia car insurance policy’s legal limits are 25/50/25. Meaning the maximum your insurance company will pay per person in terms of bodily injury is $25,000 and in total for bodily injury $50,000. The insurance company will also pay $25,000 the maximum on property damage.

What happens when you change drivers?

Road trips can be long and force people to drive restless long hours. Please be safe. Driving tired is like driving drunk and is dangerous.

If you are operating someone else’s car or another passenger is driving your car, the driver must have the permission of the insured. In most situations this simply means they have been given approval and permission to drive the vehicle by the insured.

If you do get into an accident while driving someones else’s car, first the car owner’s insurance pays for damages that are under the coverage and with-in the limits. When the insured car owner’s insurance has reached its limits, the insured driver’s insurance then steps in as excess until its limits are reached.

If you change drivers you are still insured. But, be safe as each vehicle drives differently, and always change drivers in a safe place and be aware of your surroundings.

How far can I drive before I am outside of my auto insurance coverage territory?

Not knowing your unique policy, we are going to provide you with what is generally true and can be applied to most cases. Your policy may expand over a further amount of coverage, but it likely won’t insure any less.

Your auto insurance policy territory will cover you in all of the United States, it’s territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada. In other words your road trip would have to be extremely adventurous to likely exceed your coverage territory, but it can be done.

Is the trailer we’re hauling covered?

Fancy little road trip. If you have a trailer you probably understand what it means for your car insurance policy, but let’s say we are simply getting on for the road trip outing!

Your personal auto insurance policy covers a “trailer”. A trailer is defined as a vehicle designed to be pulled by a:

  1. Private passenger auto; or
  2. Pickup or van.

Pulling a trailer will likely be covered. The definition of a trailer also includes farm wagon or farm implement, but not sure how that will fit into your road trip endeavor.

Who in the car is covered?

The automobile insurance policy is listed under someone’s name. They are considered to be the “name insured”. A car insurance policy covers the name insured shown on the policy, the insured’s spouse if resident of the same household, and anyone else related who is living under the same household.

As we mentioned already, anyone given permission by the insured to drive the vehicle is covered, but also car insurance coverage even extends to anyone who is occupying the vehicle.

“Occupying” means in, upon, getting in, on, or out off the insured auto.

Am I Covered To Go On The Road Trip?

May your road trip miles be many and your worries be few.

With road trips come increased risk exposure, but their is most likely a way to cover the dangers you face. It is most important to be covered. You want to create good memories, remember?

If you need an insurance agent to help you understand your coverage we work to help you succeed and reach your dreams. We are Southern States Insurance and would love to help you.

Or you can tweet us your insurance questions @SSICompany.

Our insurance company hopes to stay in touch and help you get to where you want to go and even places you’ve never been, both on the road and in your life.