Not Getting The Best Car Insurance Rates? Here’s How To Fix That.

best car insurance ratesEven if you’re happy with your current insurance carrier, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the best car insurance rates.

Taking control of the following factors will help you save money both now and in the future to insure your car for the cheapest price possible.

The Top Factor Insurance Companies Use To Calculate The Best Car Insurance Rates

1. Credit / Financial Stability

Maintaining good credit can result in a lower insurance premium and insurance deductible. Building up credit proves your financial responsibility and trustworthiness to insurance carriers.

2. Prior Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies are looking to see if you have maintained insurance and there are no lapses without coverage. The same way maintaining a job for a number of years on a resume looks good. Proof of your consistency in being insured can bring down the price of your insurance rate.

3. Limits of Coverage

If you only carry the state minimum car insurance requirements, insurance companies will generally not offer you the best car insurance rates.

Paying just a little bit more for higher limits can go a long way in showing an insurance carrier that you’re willing to be more responsible. And that is rewarded more favorably.

Insurance companies can offer the best car insurance rates to clients that are more interested in carrying the right kinds of coverage rather than just the legal obligations.

4. Insurance Claims History

Your claims history is an indication of how much of a risk you are to insure.  When you file an insurance claim, whether it be an at fault, no fault, med pay or compensation claims, your claims history becomes a testimony to how safe you are on the roads.

5. Driving History

Your driving history (ie: tickets, violations, etc.) is summed up in an MVR report. If  you’ve still got a “history” from the last 3-5 years, the best possibility to reduce your future insurance bills is by attending defensive driving courses that can provide a discount for up to 36 months.

6. Location

Where you live and drive is important in understanding the risks you are exposed to and the cost of insuring your car. Although this is a variable often out of your control, it is still an influence that factors into your final rate.

The closer you live to a major metropolitan city like Atlanta, the more likely it is you won’t get the best car insurance rates.

7. Car Usage

How do you drive your vehicle? Is your car is used to simply commute back and forth to work. Is it a company car? Is it a car that generally stays parked in one place for a week? Each of these situations factors into how an insurance company will rate your risk and exposure.

The Quickest Way To Potentially Lower Your Insurance Cost

Understanding what your car insurance policy price is based off of enables you to make changes to lower your premiums.

But the quickest way to see if you can get a better deal is by calling one of our agents at 678-715-9513 or clicking the button below to compare auto insurance quotes from 8-10 of our insurance carriers.

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