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Providing insurance for your church proposes a unique challenge. At Southern States we work to get you all the right coverages your place of worship will need!

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One of the most important factors to creating the right insurance coverage for your church is deciding to insure your musical instruments. Depending on the type of instruments and how many you have, including all necessary equipment, you can easily have several thousand dollars worth of items. By having the correct kind of coverage, you can have peace of mind should anything such as theft or damage happen to your instruments!

On The Go

Your insurer will also want to know if these instruments are regularly in-transit. A different policy, known as an Inland Marine Insurance policy covers your property while they are being transported. This type of policy will keep you covered should anything happen to them while they are in a vehicle or trailer.

What Are You Transporting?

Often churches and religious institutions have different modes of transportation such as a church bus or van. If your vehicle(s) carry or transport members, staff, students, volunteers etc., you face a high potential for loss and injury, and you will want the correct auto insurance. Your carrier will want to know if the vehicles are used for the transport of people or will simply be used to pick up and transfer supplies.

Proper Maintenance

It’s also an important factor that these vehicles be properly maintained on a regular basis with all the correct documentation. Often churches purchase buses and vans that are older and at a discounted rate, due to their limited budget. If this is the case for you, you will want to take all necessary precautions to ensure the vehicle runs right.

Southern States Insurance can help you evaluate the type of car insurance your church van or bus will need, and find you the best rates. Don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to your mode of transportation!

Since churches tend to be non-profit, there is little left to create and pay actual employees. Volunteers make up the majority of the workers you find at churches and there seems to be endless ways in which one can volunteer:

  • Community Service Projects
  • Fundraising Events
  • Mission Work
  • After School Programs
  • Sunday School
  • Social Functions
  • Deaconing

Having a large number of volunteers on a regular basis creates a need for very specific insurance coverage. Many standard policies do not actually cover volunteers! Health and Accident policies are where you will find the coverage your volunteers will need. For more information about these types of coverage be sure to ask a Southern States agent today!

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