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As a handyman, you face uncertainty and risks every single day. Because of your wide array of skills, it is important to have handyman insurance. Let Southern States help you get started with the right policies and coverage!

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Handyman general liability insurance will be the fundamental piece of creating your specific business policy. This type of insurance will protect you from the fees resulting from a lawsuit, property damage, injury and medical expenses, as well as libel and slander.

Depending on where you live, the size of your company and how many employees you have, coverage costs will vary. However, this type of insurance ensures that your handyman business will be covered perchance of an accident. Our agents can answer any questions you may have about a general liability policy. Let Southern States Insurance get you started!

Depending on the size and nature of the job, the hazards you are exposed to as a handyman will vary. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that there will always be plenty of them. Some of the more common hazards you will face include:

  • Injuries due to cutting, sawing and hammering
  • Electrical burns
  • Falls from tall heights like roofs, ladders etc.
  • Lifting injuries, hernias, strains and sprains

Workers Compensation Insurance should be a necessity for every handyman looking to get insured. Without it, you put yourself at risk for high medical bills perchance something were to happen on the job. Your profession requires you to work in an uncontrolled environment daily, so why risk it? Ask your independent agent about workers comp for your handyman insurance today!

As a handyman your vehicle will generally be transporting workers, equipment and supplies to and from the job site. Since most jobs are small, you may even have to drive to several job sites on any given day. The risk of auto accidents increases the further you travel to each location.

You will want to add auto insurance to your handyman insurance because of the number of potential exposures you face:

  • Poor driver selection and training
  • Inadequate supervision
  • Vehicle age and condition
  • Failure to monitor driving records
  • Failure to ensure that drivers have appropriate license

Just like any accident, automobile accidents can happen even when you do take all necessary precautions. Be sure to protect yourself and your business with the right handyman insurance policy.

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