New To Business Insurance Coverage? No Problem.

Finding good business insurance coverage can be easy when working with the right insurance agency. Although, it is difficult to predict your business insurance costs with out having a conversation with an insurance agent.

Asking “How much is business insurance?” only leads to more questions.

Your business insurance cost depends on numerous factors most influenced by four details of your business.

Southern States Insurance can help your business be protected. Our company’s goal is your success. Here are some things you need to know about business insurance as a new venture.

New Business Insurance Advice

1 – Update Your Resume

Not always true in every circumstance but depending on what type of business venture you are embarking on having certain experience is valuable to receiving lower insurance premiums.

Can you show you have experience owning a business? Do you have significant manager experience? Any work related experience that would show your business has a better chance to succeed because of your history may be beneficial when shopping your new business insurance coverage.

It is a greater risk for insurance company’s to cover a new venture as compared to a company or owner with experience. Experience truly is “valuable”. Show you have experience and your premiums may be reduced.

2 – Shop! Shop! Shop! Shop Around!

Too often the insurance purchased is similarly the first insurance quote received. Don’t simply decide on your coverage because of convenience or a commercial that comes on during every break and their sales pitch is stuck in your head.

Insurance is important to your success and it is worth taking the time to find the coverage you need at the best price possible.

If you decided to shop your insurance with an independent insurance agency, their understanding and access to the market will return the best coverage and price from all of their available resources. This make your job easier (Easier does not mean finished). After receiving a business insurance quote from an independent insurance agency, compare their list of carriers with other carriers they don’t shop with and be confident in your product.

Shopping your insurance is the only way you can know if you are getting the coverage you need at the best price.

3 – What’s Your Address?

As a new business owner you can prevent future expenses and costs that many businesses which they could go back and change. If you haven’t chosen the location of your new business, consider how your area and building type will effect your insurance premiums.

Location determines your insurance rates by comparing crime rate, access to fire & police and loss history factors of the location.

Building type effects your premiums as insurance carriers factor in the construction, square footage, other tenants and protection systems.

Understanding how location and building type affect your business insurance costs you can be educated and save money on your coverage.

4 – Full Disclosure With Your Insurance Agent

Possibly the best insurance advice we can give you… is to get good advice.

Talk with an insurance agent about your specific circumstances, the venture you are preparing to embark on and learn how they recommend you mitigate risks and lower the costs of your business insurance coverage.

Insurance coverage for each business needs to be tailored to your unique needs. A conversation with an experienced insurance agent will help you learn the best practices to pursue as a new business owner.

A Unique Advantage For Your New Business

Our insurance company wants to help you succeed. We are offering more than an insurance policy, but also we love to promote our clients and praise them on their accomplishments. When we find an opportunity to highlight a local business or refer business to them, we jump at the opportunity!

We could easily offer good business insurance and keep our clients happy, but we want to help our customers reach a higher level of success. Southern States Insurance values each client and knows especially as a new business life can be hard – let us help.

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Get A Business Insurance Quote

Together we believe we can help you succeed.

In order to get an insurance quote simply give us a way to contact you. An experienced independent insurance agent will call or email you and learn the exact insurance you need for your new endeavor.

We want to help your new business save on insurance and be protected against the risks you’ll face as well as prevent you from making common insurance mistakes.

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