Camera equipment is expensive, good camera equipment is really expensive. As a photographer, your business and livelihood depends on this equipment; what would happen to your business if your gear was lost, stolen or damaged? If you don’t have insurance for these invaluable pieces, you definitely need to get covered.

What Kind Of Policy Do I Need?

The type of policy you would get to cover your camera and equipment will vary depending on the type of equipment you have and how much it is worth. It also depends on how you are using your gear.

Non-Commercial Usage

  • If you simply are an avid photography fan and only enjoy it as a hobby (in other words you aren’t making a profit), then you would only use your homeowners policy or renters insurance. These insurance policies will guard against theft, fire and other named perils. You will want to double-check your policy to see what the list of covered risks includes.

Commercial Usage

  • If your gear is used for your photography business, you will want to have inland marine floater insurance. This type of insurance policy gives you extremely broad coverage, encompassing many different risks. Within the U.S. this policy will cover your equipment, whatever it is and wherever it is. If you plan on doing business in other countries you will need international coverage.

Why Do I Need Insurance For My Camera And Equipment?

Some times life will throw you a curve ball and your pricey equipment will suddenly be damaged, or worse, go missing. Just think about how often someone (or yourself) has tripped over a tripod. On average, photographers have several thousand dollars worth of equipment in their possession at any given time, so it only makes sense to protect your belongings with photography equipment insurance.

If you simply go with household insurance coverage, be prepared for the limitations you might face. An independent insurance agent can help answer your “what if” questions to provide the best insurance policy for your camera equipment. Let Southern States Insurance get you a free quote today!
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