Yes – Our Insurance Company Can Help

Dishonest employees are an unfortunate reality for many security guard companies and this can be valuable protection. Our insurance agency can provide a policy to cover your employee’s dishonest acts and other risks you may face.

The right security guard insurance coverages can give your customers some reassurance that you’ll be able to solve this kind of problem if your employee guards or subcontracted guards steal from them. Helping your guard business comfort clients and ultimately succeed. Southern States Insurance is focused on your success.

What Policies Do I Need?

You will need to do two things:

  1. You will want to add a “Third Party Endorsement” to your crime policy, since typical Crime insurance policies do not cover your employees stealing from others.
  2. Since 1099 subcontractors are not normally covered by these Crime policies, a “Designated Agents as Insured” endorsement is needed to cover their dishonest acts.

Did that make sense? These are very specific insurance requests and often above common insurance knowledge.

Feel free to call for us to listen to your unique risks and provide professional guidance.

With both of these endorsements added to your security guard insurance policy, you can assure your clients that the right insurance is in place to give them peace of mind about having your security guards on their property when no one else is there.

What We Offer

An insurance policy is where some company’s stop and consider their job done, but it is where we begin. Our company is interested in your success.

With the right protections your clients will feel more comfortable trusting you and your business has more opportunity for growth. We want to help you save on your insurance, find the best coverage and pair you with a knowledgable agent to give you good insurance advice.

Get an insurance quote now and learn how we can help find you the best security guard insurance.

Important Final Thoughts

Make sure these endorsements dovetail together to avoid coverage gaps, which often requires the help on an independent insurance agent. These security guard insurance coverages are not “everyday” coverages, and they must be specifically requested.

Make sure your security guard insurance policy has the right endorsements that will pay in the event that your employees steal from your clients.

Don’t be caught off guard. Have the best protection.

**For more information about Security Company Insurance contact me, Jon Hall, at or call me at (678) 715-9634. **Our Workers Compensation and General Liability programs are designed for firms with more than $100,000 in annual payroll. Our General Liability programs Include a $1 million limit and start at $5,000 in annual premium in most states.**

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