As much as you are stressing as a parent of a teenage driver, so are the insurance companies. Insuring a teenager driver is a risk, as the new driver with no experience is much more likely of having a car insurance claim.

The most obvious change to expect when adding a teen driver to your policy is the increase in premiums. Car insurance rates for teens tend to be significantly higher until the driver reaches an age of 25, when they will slowly began to dip if the driver is without a claim or accident free.

The reality is there are ways you can find discounts and save money on your teen car insurance rates. Let’s understand why the costs of car insurance are so high for teens and exactly how you can lower their car insurance premiums.

How Car Insurance Premiums Will Change By Age

Source: DriveSteady

The Best Ways To Lower Your Rates!

The good news (if there is any) is there are ways you can save some money and lower your premiums. With teenage drivers, the most common ways to save is by finding discounts your insurance carrier offers.

Common discounts include:

  • Good Student Discount – If the enrolled student can maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA from the previous semester the driver likely qualifies for the appropriate discount. NOTICE: Student must be enrolled full-time and under 25 years of age.

    Also, the discount is based on the previous semester and must be updated after each subsequent semester. Meaning, if a student takes a semester off for any reason, the approaching semester most-likely isn’t eligible for the discount.

  • Defensive Driving Course – Taking the initiative to enroll in a driving course can reduce your car insurance rate and help you to find the cheapest insurance possible. The course can provide discount for 36 months and then must be taken again to receive benefits.

Other ways to save are more focused on the factors which influence risks such as car model and safety ratings. There are seven main factors which influence your car insurance costs. All of them won’t apply to young drivers but understanding the most impactful influencers can help you maintain the lowest costs.

A Safety Tip Teens Will Love!

Recent studies have observed how singing in the car effects a driver and their ability. The results prove that driving in the car while singing makes you a safer driver in many ways. Singing may had a surprisingly positive effect on drivers, but young drivers need to be sure they avoid all other distractions!

Young drivers need to be aware of how dangerous distracted driving is and commit to never texting and driving. The average time a driver looks away from the road while texting is 4.6 seconds. In that amount of time while driving at 55mph a car travels the length of a football field! Please don’t drive distracted.

Shop Car Insurance Rates For Teen Drivers

To find the best car insurance prices for young drivers you need to shop your policy with numerous insurance carriers. Shopping with numerous insurance carriers will help you decide on which company offers the best service, coverage and price.

If you decide to work with an independent insurance agency they will shop your unique insurance needs with numerous carriers and return to you the best price and coverage as well as a personal level of service. Our agency, Southern States Insurance, would love to help you understand your insurance needs and discover ways you can minimize the risks your teen driver faces and learn how to save on your insurance costs.

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