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Church Insurance: The Most Important Things You Need To Cover

Church Insurance: The Most Important Things You Need To Cover

Criminals have been known to run into a church yelling “Sanctuary!” to avoid capture. Partly because churches have always been a place of safety and security.

But the reality is our world involves risks. And churches aren’t immune.

Knowing how to properly insure your church will give you […]

Top 2 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Be Without Church Insurance Coverage

Sometimes when one thinks about insurance and church it seems like oil and water, they just do not go together. After all the church’s purpose is to build up their membership through shared belief and encouragement. Why would an organization whose very purpose is to be a light in the darkness need […]

What Exactly Does Your Church Insurance Cover?

This is a very good question but honestly it is not asked enough. To understand the importance of this question consider the following: If your church participated in one of the following examples would your church’s insurance policy cover you?

A fall festival that includes hay rides and games
Purchasing a Christian radio station
A public sermon […]

2 Insurance Coverages Every Church Needs But Might Not Have

By its very nature a church is grounded in love: God’s love for us and in turn the church’s love for its members and the community make churches unique and special. Because the very foundation of the church is goodness it can be easy for the church administration to not focus intently enough […]

Social Media & Churches: Reaching Your Members [Infographic]

Workers Compensation: Insurance for Church Volunteers

Church Van And Bus Insurance

Church Van And Bus Insurance
Many churches and other religious organizations have vans and buses 1. Because they can hold a lot of people at one time and 2. They are usually relatively cheap to purchase.

There are many safety factors however that you are exposed to that can cause a serious amount of liability in […]

Professional Liability Insurance For Your Church

In the very litigious world we live in today, not even churches are exempt from lawsuits. In fact, some of the biggest and most controversial lawsuits we see are those that involve the clergy of the church! –