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3 Overlooked Insurance Policies Every Doctor’s Office Needs

3 Overlooked Insurance Policies Every Doctor’s Office Needs
Most doctor’s offices carry medical malpractice insurance and basic business owners coverage. But these policies don’t cover many common but very important exposures every medical practice faces. Here are three insurance coverages every doctor’s office should consider.
1. Cyber Liability
The large amount of personal information held by medical practices makes […]

3 Steps To Take If Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Gets Non-Renewed

It’s every doctor’s worst nightmare: a medical malpractice insurance claim. You have devoted your life and your career to helping people and now this. Whether you did make a mistake or whether you were falsely accused you still had to defend yourself and your practice by making a malpractice claim. […]

4 Easy Steps to Understanding “Claims-Made” Medical Malpractice Insurance

Does this sound familiar? In medical school you are told to never, ever, no matter what buy a claims-made policy for your medical malpractice insurance. They said it is a trap that you cannot escape; a scheme designed to cost you money, but is it really? What is the difference anyway, […]