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Do You Need Off-Premises Hairstylist Insurance?

Some beauticians are too talented and have too big of a heart to remain confined to their hair salon.

When a beautician travels to cut hair off-site the risk exposure changes. In these circumstancesInland Marine coverage would cover the stylist off-premises. –

The Buzz About Workers Compensation Insurance And Your Hair Salon Coverage

Workers compensation insurance for hair salons is often very limited, but is dependent on each salon and the contractual relationship with their employees. Our insurance agents can discuss the details of your salons situation, and provide you with the best advice on your insurance needs. –

Hair Salon Insurance Quote & Some Free Advice

Southern States Insurance wants your hair salon business to succeed. We want to help you before things go wrong and we will gladly help you if they ever do. –

The Importance of Beauticians Errors and Omissions For Your Salon’s Insurance

As a hairstylist what do you plan to do if you suddenly face a lawsuit?
Beauticians face charges of legal suits due to loss of income, loss of happiness, and loss of financial opportunity when people blame their haircut as being a negative deciding factor in their life somehow. –

4 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Hair Salon Insurance & Reduce Losses!

Sit down. How about a little trim?…On your hair salon insurance costs!
Adopt these simple practices to reduce the cost of your hair salon insurance premiums and experience less claims. Let us help you even before accidents happen. –

The First Question To Expect When Buying Beauty Salon Insurance Coverage

To insure your hair salon business for the best price and cover all the risks you face the conversation will likely start or potentially end sounding like this: –