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Common Insurance Advice You Need To Avoid

The Shocking Cost of Homeowners Insurance Claims Due to Lightning

June, July and August reportedly have the highest lightning activity through the year and homeowners have more reasons now than in years past to be concerned with lightning claims.
The cost per claim is the most expensive it has ever been with the newest technologies filling your home wall-to-wall. Data reveals less lightning insurance claims […]

Do Homeowners Have The Best Home Insurance Coverage For Their Needs?

The Forgotten Coverage – Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners insurance coverage is rarely reviewed by homeowners. Many homeowners get the needed coverage, check it off the list and pay the bill – no questions asked. But…
What if you are missing out on needed coverage, cheaper prices, and higher quality service just because it has become habit to […]

Is Insect Season A Concern For Homeowners?

Is Insect Season A Concern For Homeowners?

Hotter Seasons Are Favorable For Insect Invasion Bringing Big Concerns
The recent mild seasons of fall and winter coupled with the exceptionally warm spring are unfortunately favorable conditions for the insect population. With practically a non-existent winter through out the country and especially in the southern states many insects […]

Why Flood Insurance Coverage Isn’t Included On Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

What Should Be Covered in Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?
Answer: the coverage you need on your home.
The appropriate follow-up question would then be, “Well, what insurance coverage do I need?”
That is the right question to ask and will lead you to understanding why flood insurance isn’t packaged into your home insurance policy and comes as […]

Which Dogs Can Make Your Homeowners Insurance Cost Really Bite?

Which Dogs Can Make Your Homeowners Insurance Cost Bite?
Depending on what breed of dog you own, your homeowners insurance could greatly be effected even as far as to being dropped!

A dog adds a great amount of liability for a homeowner and over the most recent years the number of dog bites and injuries caused […]

Swimming Pool Insurance Coverage for Homeowners

Summertime is here and we all plan to hit the pool! (If you’re not planning on it now, go ahead and plan on it.)
Being a homeowner with a pool is a great addition to our property for some wonderful fun and memories, but there is also a great amount of liability.
Think through your circumstances […]

Georgia Home Insurance Policy Holders Need To Be Aware This Season

Some of our staff recently traveled to an insurance convention in Savannah, Georgia. The Georgia Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgins, spoke and told a story of how his office teamed up with WSB TV (Channel 2) to carry out an undercover sting operation exposing roofers who were committing insurance fraud.
Watch the video at this link […]

Does My Georgia Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Floods?

Flood insurance is available as a separate coverage and is not covered in your homeowners insurance policy. This insurance is only required to those who live in a Special Flood Hazard Area (S.F.H.A.) or are in a high-risk flood zone. –

Why is My Home Insured For More Than It’s Market Value?

First off, this is not an isolated issue only facing Georgia homeowners. The issue is nationwide. Our insurance company is based in Georgia but we write policies with clients all across the nation who have this same homeowners insurance question.
The logic exists that if the market value of your home has decreased, you could […]