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Is The Size Of Your Home Putting You At Risk?

Is The Size Of Your Home Putting You At Risk?

In the busy world around us, it only makes sense to ultimately become people who live a lifestyle that values convenience. A problem that develops at home, is we typically spend most of our time in just a small section of our house. Most people […]

3 Burning Facts You Don’t Expect From A Home Fire Insurance Claim

3 Burning Facts You Don’t Expect From A Home Fire Insurance Claim
You will be surprised to learn some of the repercussions of a home fire and the unfortunate circumstances a fire causes! Below are three things you didn’t know about home fires and the damage caused.There are many things you can do to protect […]

5 Ways To Prevent and Minimize Water Damage in Your Home

5 Ways To Prevent and Minimize Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage may travel through walls, ceilings, and often damages multiple levels/floors of a home, based on the path it chooses to take. It is rarely a contained issue and can cover more than you would imagine! We had the opportunity to witness […]

House Fire’s and What Homeowner Insured’s Are Forgetting

30 seconds. In that amount of time a small flame can grow out of control and become a major fire. Every 80 seconds a house fire is reported, with these tips our insurance company in Georgia can work to bring that number down and keep you safe.

Common Mistakes & House Fire Prevention Tips


A Day With Reliable Restoration, Seeing an Insurance Claim In Action & Helping A Client Be Restored

Insurance can be something that is hard to tangibly grasp and witness as it works to restore a person’s life and belongings. In a recent insurance claim we worked with Reliable Restoration as they mitigate fire damages. This is the story and experience of the pain and redemption of a recent home fire.
The shocking […]

Expecting Severe Weather & Record Number of Tornados in 2012

The weather in 2012 has been determined to stay unusually warm and drier than in years past. This last January was registered as the fourth warmest in Georgia’s recorded weather history. Early forecasts believe the weather conditions are more than favorable to produce “above-normal tornados” this season.
With more tornados expected on the horizon, […]

Home Insurance In Georgia Is Vulnerable To Fraudulent Contractors

The saying “as long as you’ve got a roof over your head,” may not be the whole truth, especially if your in the “peach state.”
Fraudulent claims involving roofing contractors are common across the Georgia area, because the lack of licensing requirements in the state. Georgia does not require roofing contractors to be licensed. Many […]

Georgia Homeowners Insurance Price Increased

Georgia Homeowners Insurance Price Increased
Georgia homeowners have likely noticed the cost of their Homeowners Insurance on the rise. Insurance premiums have increased over the past years. Often, supplemented by little explanation from the representative insurance company. It’s one thing if your premium increases with additional coverage, but another when the coverage remains the same […]

The Number One Reason I’m Renewing My iPhone 4 Insurance

Clutching my new iPad, I briskly walked from my car to the office building this morning in a light misting rain. It hadn’t dawned on me to pick up an umbrella (which may just be a guy thing). But as I broke into trot, I suddenly remembered that the renewal bill for the insurance […]

House Fire Safety Tips

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) shows that house fires are the most common cause for fire deaths in the United States. According to the NFPA, there were 403,000 residential fires in 2008, resulting in 2,780 deaths and 13,560 injuries. Below are 3 common ways fires start in the home, along with […]