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4 Warning Signs You May Not Have Good Insurance & Need To Change Your Insurance Policy!

Insurance is necessary, not only by law, but really to succeed. Something eventually will go wrong and insurance allows you to thrive even after unforeseen accidents occur.
Southern States Insurance believes you don’t need to find only the cheapest insurance but a good insurance agency who will be good for you long term. Their are […]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make On Their Insurance Coverage

If you are new and learning about insurance coverage or you’ve been a Georgia homeowner for years, have business experience in the insurance industry, and a family insurance plan; no matter how knowledgeable you may be everyone can make mistakes.
The very reason insurance exists is for mistakes, but we want to be sure […]

Asking “IF” Can Be Good

Ask “If” is good to do sometimes in life. When you are pushing the limits to achieve your dreams is an appropriate time. You never want to be left asking “if” when something goes wrong and you are wondering about your insurance coverage.

Our Georgia insurance company believes we can help you accomplish your goals […]

What IF we never dreamed?

Our weekly videos have been of “What if?” accidents occurring, where nothing is expected to go wrong but the unforeseen consequence occurs. Reminding viewers of the importance of insurance because unexpected events often happen, and when they do you don’t want to be asking, “If your covered?”

This month we challenge you to dream […]

How Our Independent Insurance Agency Will Provide You With the Best Insurance Policy

We welcome any opportunity to explain the advantages of an independent insurance agency. The conversation always ends well, because an independent insurance agency:

offers the best insurance coverage available
builds strong relationships with clients
exists in the local community

An Independent Insurance Agency is Able to Offer the Best Coverage at the Lowest Price
As an independent insurance agency, […]

Should My Restaurant Insurance Policy Include Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Equipment Breakdown coverage is excluded from the standard commercial package insurance policy. The success of your restaurant business heavily depends on a variety of equipment, and if equipment breakdown were to occur your success and reputation could be jeopardized. This valuable coverage can be added as a stand alone policy or in some cases […]

A Georgia Insurance Company That Continues To Grow

“If your not growing your dying” is the state of mind we’ve accepted at Southern States Insurance Company.
Today, we welcome our newest branch addition in Lawrencville, Georgia!
Our Georgia Insurance Company has been in the insurance business delivering quality and personal coverage for twenty years, as of this April. Throughout that time we have acquired […]

A Consumers Guide To Finding, Becoming, Or Working With An Insurance Broker: Cars, Health & Everything Else

What Is An Insurance Broker?
Insurance Broker Authority
Types of Insurance Brokers
Insurance Broker Specialties
Home and Car Insurance Broker
Finding An Insurance Broker
Insurance Broker Jobs
Get A Quote From An Insurance Broker

What Is An Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker is a liaison between consumers and insurance companies. They typically do not underwrite policies themselves, but act as the intermediary […]

3 Reasons This GA Insurance Agent Doesn’t Recommend Buying Your Policies From A Bank

If you’re like many business owners, you use banks to manage your money, take out business loans or even finance the mortgage on your company-owned property. But what about buying your business insurance from a bank? Is that such a smart idea?
On the surface, buying insurance from a bank is harmless. After all, insurance […]