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Non-Emergency Transportation (NET)

Things to Know When Running a N.E.T. Company [infographic]

3 Steps To Take If Progressive Dropped / Canceled Your Non Emergency Transportation Insurance Policy

Progressive Insurance is in the process of dropping all of their Non Emergency Medical Transportation clients. The decision to cancel client’s policies is based on the high risk of NET Insurance coverage. –

The Best Approach To Winter Roads For Non-Emergency Transportation Companies

Well, old man winter is upon us. While our non-emergency transportation companies in Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and other southern states are experiencing less severe road conditions. –

Employees Versus Subcontractors: The Truth About Worker’s Compensation Coverage For Non-Emergency Transportation Companies

As you can imagine, I am frequently asked by owners of non-emergency transportation companiesif it would be better for them, from a workers compensation standpoint, to 1099 all of their employees, since they would then not have to cover them under a workers compensation policy. –

Why Insurance Company’s Charge More Premium For Wheelchair Vans

In the insurance industry, ‘wheelchair’ is a four letter word. This may not be comforting if you own or operate wheelchair vans. But, it seems like nearly every claim we encounter with non-emergency medical transportation companies (particularly here in Georgia), is wheelchair related. –

Key Points To Consider When Selecting Drivers For A Non Emergency Transportation Company

A common point of frustration I hear from owners of Non Emergency Transportation companies is that they put the safety and wellness of their clients in the hands of drivers for whom they have virtually no direct oversight when they are on the road. –

The Top 7 Factors That Affect Non Emergency Transportation Premium

I couldn’t help but chuckle today when I read an email from a prospective client who asked me to give them a ballpark premium for Non Emergency Transportation insurance in Georgia. I thought to myself, “The answer is, that’s a great question!” –

Why Are Non Emergency Transportation Down Payments So High?

The answer to this question may surprise you. The truth is that down payments have very little to do with the insurance company, and more to do with state filings that are required to operate a Non-Emergency Transportation company. –

Why Did My Renewal Premium Increase When I Had No Claims?

Sometimes it’s not enough for you to have a good year in terms of insurance claims. If the Non-Emergency Transportation industry as a whole had a bad year, then regardless of your experience, you are going to end up taking it on the chin in premiums.
Having multiple companies quote your insurance at […]

Why Do Insurance Companies Need Loss Runs To Get Me A Non Emergency Transportation Quote?

Loss Runs are like the insurance industry’s version of a credit score. They’re a written statement from your current insurance company showing how much money, if any, they’ve paid out in claims on your behalf, and why. –