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Common Insurance Advice You Need To Avoid

The Most Expensive States For Car Insurance And Tips To Find The Best Price

There is nothing like some good home pride. Everybody loves to root, root, root for the home team! But, depending on where your “home team” resides you may be paying more for car insurance than another state’s residents… A lot more! We rank the most and least expensive states for auto insurance.
Important to Consider: […]

Statistics On Car Theft – The Worst States & Worst Cities For Stolen Vehicles

Statistics On Car Theft – The Worst States & Worst Cities For Stolen Vehicles
Let’s begin with some general car theft statistics to make everyone sweat.

Did you know…

A car is stolen every 43 seconds.
Car theft costs Americans a total of $4.3 billion each year.
Near 3/4 of a million cars are stolen every […]

The 2 Biggest Mistakes Car Thieves Want You To Make This Summer

This hot summer weather is absolutely perfect conditions for the pool car theft.
Car theft during the summer months is as common as posting a picture of your car thermometer with a triple digit reading. What makes the season so favorable for theft? Southern States Insurance will discuss why drivers are most at risk during […]

3 Ways The Unusually Hot Summer Weather Effects Your Insurance Policy

Typically record breaking high temperatures don’t arrive until the months of July and August, but we have already seen across the United States hundreds of heat records being left in the past.
If it wasn’t so hard to just survive the heat, it brings new concerns in regards to insurance that deserve a quick read.
These […]

Best Car Insurance Advice For Road Trips & Adventures

If you and your friends decide it’s time for some adventure and pack up the car to go see the world’s largest monuments, watch the sunrise in another state, or simply decide to make a lifelong memory by embarking on a road trip thetr are some additional risks that should be thought through.
Road Trip’s […]

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost Depend On Model and Color Vehicle?

The cost of your car insurance is based on numerous factors, and to get the best price you need to manage each them to become most preferable. –

How to Find Cheap Car Insurance For College Students and Teen Drivers

The best four…five…eh…six years of your life!
The college years are a wonderful time of life and during a students experience at the university money is tight! We understand even the word “discount” is too expensive on a college budget and students only can afford the word “free”.
Southern States Insurance company wants to help keep […]

Not Getting The Best Car Insurance Rates? Here’s How To Fix That.

Not Getting The Best Car Insurance Rates? Here’s How To Fix That.
Even if you’re happy with your current insurance carrier, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the best car insurance rates.

Taking control of the following¬†factors will help you save money both now and in the future to insure your car for the cheapest […]

Memorial Day Weekend Is The Most Dangerous Weekend On The Roads

According to study recently released by the National Coalition for Safer Roads Memorial Day weekend is the most dangerous holiday for road and highway accidents. The study correlates an especially high amount of drivers running red-lights over the holiday weekend.
Drivers are likely eager to get away for the long weekend and/or are frustrated with […]