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Professional Photographers v. Amateurs

It can be a fine line, but maybe you’ve been wondering what differentiates a professional photographer from an amateur. Is it the equipment? Is it the hours? Perhaps it’s a skill set or knowledge the one has but not the other. We break down the major difference between the two, and perhaps you’ll know […]

Ways We Break Our Cameras [Infographic]

A Photographer’s Nightmare – Lost Customer Data

As a photographer, it is your job to ensure that the pictures you are so diligently taking while on shoot remain safely stored. This is especially important if you are working with a client and capturing a special moment in their life, something not capable of being recreated. So how can you make sure […]

5 Steps To Take After Dropping Your Camera

A Brief History of Photography [Infographic]

Photographer Liability Insurance- Insuring Lost Customer Data

We’ve all had it happen to us before- That tiny little memory card in our fancy new camera has just seemed to disappear without warning, and the 300 pictures on it were all from you most recent vacation.

While this is just an annoyance for most people, losing memory cards or having your Lightroom library […]

Camera And Photography Equipment Insurance

Camera equipment is expensive, good camera equipment is really expensive. As a photographer, your business and livelihood depends on this equipment; what would happen to your business if your gear was lost, stolen or damaged? –

Why You Need Employee Dishonesty Coverage In Your Photography Insurance Policy

Crime and employee dishonesty are unfortunate threats that most businesses face. It can be especially damaging however if you own and run a photography business. –