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A Basic Overview of Restaurant Insurance Needs From Southern States Insurance

The restaurant life is full of unexpected events and unforeseeable joys – it is the nature of the beast. The chaos fuels the most talented businessmen and chef to take control and lead their restaurant to success.

As a restaurant owner who believes in quality food and service, you would never serve your clients cheap […]

At What Point Is A Restaurant A Bar? Defining Insurance Coverage And Risks

Trick question. Defining criteria to deem a restaurant as a bar can fluctuate from state to state.
Many sports bar’s have identity crisis just because of this burning question.
Let’s address how to determine the status of your business and help restaurants and bars finally understand who they really are… Should there be inspirational music playing […]

Costal Restaurant Insurance Advice & Recommendations

A Coastal business property needs unique coverage to address their unique risk exposures. Southern States Insurance company can not only provide the necessary coverage but valuable advice to help your restaurant succeed.
Southern States Insurance helps restaurants and businesses alike succeed by helping them understand their insurance needs. If you need coastal restaurant insurance here […]

Do I Need Liquor Liability Insurance For My Restaurant Or Bar?

If you plan on serving beer and wine you will need to make sure your insurance agent adds Liquor Liability Insurance to your policy. Most liability insurance has automatic coverage called Host Liquor Liability coverage for small functions but only for a business not in the business of selling liquor.

What Does Liquor Liability Insurance […]