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Big Time Small Business Podcast Episode 2: Katie Coleman

Meet Katie Coleman, a Managing Partner and Financial Advisor for the Siena Wealth Advisory Group. In this podcast you will find out more about Katie’s passion and experience as a financial advisor and helping others, including some amazing non-profit work she is doing in her community. Listen and find out how Katie has become […]

8 Myths About Business Umbrella Policies [infographic]

3 Valuable Lessons Of Employment Practices Every Business Can Take From Television

I had a realization the other day that a lot of the TV shows and movies we watch can teach you something about protecting your small business. Particularly, how to protect it from employment practice liability lawsuits. –

3 Hiring Mistakes Every Small Business Should Avoid

Whether using a recruiter or going it alone, an overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners say their biggest challenge is hiring and keeping good talent. I’ve made my share of hiring mistakes over the years. And I’ve learned some valuable lessons in the process. –

How To Dramatically Boost Your Closing Ratio In 5 Simple Steps

The most successful salespeople I know don’t play the numbers game. They don’t have to. Their closing ratio is through the roof! I bet you know folks like this. And I bet you wonder how these people are able to sell just as much as anyone else given half the number of prospects. So […]

How To Make Killer Social Media Posts With 4 Easy Tips

Making unique and interesting content for social media can be a bit of a daunting task. –

Social Media Mistakes That Even Experts Make

Truth be told, no one knows everything. Often even the experts make simple mistakes that can be easily avoided. –

Engaging Your Audience Through Visuals [infographic]

Top 4 Tips That Will Make You A LinkedIn Pro

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend a lot of time on LinkedIn each week. LinkedIn is an amazing tool to connect to others professionally. It’s even how I landed my current job! –

Discrimination In The Workplace [infographic]